FH Car Voting - Questions and Corrections (READ the first post)

Added convertible.

We will add the other models when we have a chance.

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Can anyone link me to the Lamborghini Huracán Sterato voting thread. Thanks in advance

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Now that the Abarth 600e has been merged with the Fiat 600e, is it possible to add a poll for the brands?

Can we had separate Topic for This?


Rename the topic to GC Automobile GC10-V8

Can we had the Separate Topic for the MG 5 Sedan Version?

Done: MG MG5 2020-current

Mini Cooper / Clubman 1959-2000 - #11 by Ford_Mustang718 merge this is just a estate with panels on it the Mini is also available as a Pickup and also a Mini Moke and a Mini Wildgoose Caravan/RV aswell as a Sedan version called the Riley Elf and Wolfsley Hornet and a 2 door convertible

Hummer H1 Alpha Open-Top 2006 Needs a name change to just Hummer H1 as it was also offered as a Hard Top Pickup with 4 or 2 doors considering the car was from AM General(this used to be the millitary side of Jeep but when AMC bought Jeep which included the General Product Division they turned it into a subsidiary and changed it to AM General but in 1982 Renault bought a stake of AMC there was a problem because they couldnt be owned by a company from a different country controlling a stake with millitary contracts so they sold it to LTV Corporation) (it was literally a civilian Humvee with regular colour options until they sold it to GM but still built it at AM General) it should get both the Hummer tag as well as the AM General tag

as for the original Humvee it is also available in multiple body styles

There’d apparently 17 variants with different attachments spread across the various body styles.

Obviously ones with guns wouldn’t be featured but even with the unarmed ones it’s a mission to track them down and then put them in a large poll.

Ideally should the Humvee ever be introduced it would be as a single 2 or 4 door variant with multiple ingame bodykit components for the rear bed style but that would be for the Devs and Licensing Department to work out.

At this point the main point of the topic is just to register general interest in how many people are interested in the Humvee and the basics of the body as opposed to specifics.

With civilian models like the H1 where we already have had 2 versions featured ingame it makes more sense to have itd various versions represented more.

Of course not the one with the guns but the ones without guns would fit into the game and will still be e rated

i would say the would add multiple body styles like with the Hummer H1 I would say one of the five being open top Wagon Hardtop Slantback and Pickup I mean we have the MB (one of the fore runners of the Humvee) but not the CJ2 so that proves that a e rated game can have millitary vehicles just without guns of course

I’m thinking these currently:

Hardtop - Variants with just the pick-up bed on the back and a hard roof over the crew compartment (4 Door & 2 Door)

Open Top - Variants with a pick-up bed on the back and no roof/canvas top over the crew compartment (4 Door and 2 Door)

4 Door Slantback - the 4 Door Hardtop but with the sloped rear bed covering

I might do a “Wagon” but I can’t really find variants of this with a square hard bed covering that don’t have weapons on them.

what about the 2 door pickup

That would go under Hard Top or Open Top depending on which you prefer.

From what I can find the 4 Door also has a bit of a pick-up bed but it’s just smaller due to the extra doors and shorter wheelbase.

Not quite for cargo like the 2-Door but it’s close enough for the purpose of the two polls

Ok I hope this successor of the MB will make it into the game 39 votes is not the best but also no the worst I believe one of the Hyundais only had 7 votes and came into the game its just about the licensing I guess