FH Car Topic submissions (Read the first post)

Yudo Yuntu

Jeep Gladiator Concept (based of the Wrangler JK)

Italdesign Asso di Picche in Movimento

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Honda Yè P7

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Honda Yè S7

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Honda Yè GT Concept


Peugeot 307CC
Peugeot 308CC
Peugeot 206CC
Peugeot 207CC

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Those cars exist

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Cool, and?

I’m just saying that these are not fictional cars and that they need polls please

I have no idea why other Peugeot have polls but not these

Ford Mustang NitePony

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IM Motors L6

Fast & Furious Flip Car 1.0

Jaguar F-Type SVR GT4

Hennessey Dodge Demon HPE1200

Hennessey Ford F150 VelociRaptor 6x6 and 4x4 (V6 V8) Gen 14

Now that we have race cars, we can make individual topics for them

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Lotus Type 135 (Prototype) 2025

KS: This will receive a Topic once the model has publicly debuted and more details are revealed.


2024 MG EXE181

KS: This will receive a Topic is a drivable model is created, as of now it only exists as a static display piece.