FH Car Topic submissions (read the first post)

This may be a clue…lol.


Since not a single compatriot ever suggested these, I WILL:
Ford Falcon (Argentina)
Dodge GTX (Argentina)
(Chevrolet Chevy (aka, the Nova) looks like it’s already ingame)
Dodge Polara (Argentina)
Renault 12 (Argentina)
All of the above can be in both games but now, onto Motorsport:
Turismo Carretera
TC 2000 (previously STC 2000)
Turismo Nacional (Argentina)
TC Pista
TC Mouras
TC Pista mouras
TC Pick Up
Turismo Pista (sorry if it’s in Spanish)
Top Race
Those are the main ones, but be careful, one category will take you to another, and another, and another, you’ll fall into a rabbit hole where you’ll find a variety of classes, cars and drivers, from touring cars to prototypes to formula cars, and let’s not forget the tracks that of course I’ll make a post about it in the track suggestions hub.

Golf gti/r with the dsg gearbox

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Not happening at this point it seems.

Just swap the Race Transmission in and you’ll have the functionality as the DSG

Hot Wheels Volvo P1800 Gasser

Huh, weird, I’ve been getting lots of notifications that one of my messages is getting moved but I don’t know to where

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Open your profile and look at our Activity - I’ve been moving posts from this topic into newly created car voting topics and you may have a post there.

Everyone who’s posted in this topic may also be getting notifications because I was moving too quickly and did a Select All merge, and then merged them back to this topic to correct it. Apologies for the notification spam.


Wow you’ve been on an absolute roll today

Thanks for the all work managing the Votes Max, it’s definitely appreciated especially since I know how hectic the new FM launch has been :slight_smile:


Mugen CRX pro II

Would be good to have all 3 Mugen CRX pro’s as we already have the Mugen CRX pro I.


Mugen CR-X PRO.3

The final Mugen CRX pro for the collection


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That probably goes in here since it’s a 2nd Gen CR-X

Same with this one going in the normal Del Sol/CRX Topic

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Hot Wheels Baja Bouncer

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Merkur RS4Ti


Toyota Hilux Revo BEV

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Eneos Jaguar E-Type


Irmscher Opel Zafira