Festival Playlist. Speed Trap. Calle Principal - Broken - Always 1 MHP MORE TO EARN

Is this just me? I beat the speed of > 175 mph trap objective with a Retro Muscle SI 900, when completed I always get 1 MHP MORE TO EARN.

Just reported this issue.

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I am getting the same issue. My speed is 188 mph when I pass it and get the same message.

Definitely not just you, I have the same problem. Hope they fix these bugs quickly, before the season ends.

I just spoke to another player, they said restart game, Restarted console and got it at first try.

Yes, I confirm, it is sufficient to restart the console if you are on xbox, reload the game if you are on PC.

Doing another race/event and coming back afterwards works fine for me (work for danger sign, speed zones, traps, etc … )