Festival Playlist has a problem (and how to solve it)

This is something that has been bothering me since i started playing FH5 back in Italian Automotive.

Look, i have no problem with Festival Playlist being a thing, what i have a problem with is its FOMO aspect: if you don’t play that week for whatever reason, you don’t get the cars. Why is this bad? Well…

  • What if you need to study for an important test?
  • What if you get grounded?
  • What if you want to go on vacation?
  • What if you get sick that week?
  • What if you are a new player?
  • Maybe you are busy with work?
    Or maybe you simply don’t want to play or you’re not sure about how the FP works. The latter is exactly what happened to me when i started playing back in Series 24. I wanted most of the cars on that series, so why didn’t i get them? Because i thought the cars would be added to the Autoshow. I thought that the FP was only a way to get the cars for free if you wanted to. The game never told me otherwise. Luckily, i found out that this wasn’t true and still managed to get 2 or 3 cars from that Series, but i didn’t get the 4C, a car that i really wanted. I was also dying to get an AE86, but it’s a Festival Playlist car, so it took me 4 months to finally get it (it appeared on the Forzathon Shop)

What i’m trying to say is that the game punishes you for not playing. Doesn’t that feel like a chore? Like, if you don’t do the laundry, you don’t get clothes to wear; if you don’t do the dishes, you get bad smell and no plates to eat on; etc. If you want to get a certain FP car, you need to be lucky enough to either get it on a wheelspin, at the auction house or at the Forzathon Shop. These methods don’t feel quite effective, since i only managed to get a McLaren F1 after nearly 8 months playing and even that one was thanks to the ForzaWHM event.
Mind you, i’m using only the eight-six, the 4C and the F1 as examples, but there are lots of other cool cars that i couldn’t get my hands on yet, simply because i started playing late.

“But OP, the game has 800+ cars, not everyone needs to own every single one of them!” I agree, not everyone needs to own every car. However everyone should have the chance to own every car.

I mean, people were willing to take money out of their pockets for this game, wether its via Steam, the Xbox Store (idk what it’s called, i hope i got it right), Gamepass, or whatever. Some people were willing to get even more money out of their pockets by buying the Deluxe Edition or even the Premium Edition. And what do we get? Chores.

Ok OP, but how do we solve this problem while maintaining the weekly player count?

I see 2 options:

1- Add the cars to the Autoshow for a high price. I’ve seen a lot of people with the same feelings as me suggesting this, but this is a bad solution because people wouldn’t look forward to playing the game every week. After all, why should you play if you can just buy the cars in a few seconds? The average playtime would lower drastically. Want a 4C? Just go open the game, go to the Autoshow and buy it. That’s it. You can go do something else now.

2- The best solution i thought of and someone else already mentioned this here: Open up previous festival playlists for rewards. Allow us to play previous playlists. This will still get people looking forward to the next playlist, while still allowing people to study for that important test, go on vacations, get sick, you name it.

Forcing others to play your game is not the way to go. No one should feel pressured to play. Games are supposed to be fun, not a chore.

What do you guys think?

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