Festival Playlist events and rewards through April 4 (Spring S72)

Seasonal Summary: Spring Series 72 in Forza Horizon 4

Experience the RWD Alpine A110 Sports Car in Forza Horizon 4

The 2017 Alpine A110 was designed with lightness in mind. Throughout the A110, from its all-aluminum body and chassis to the integrated components, it delivers weight savings, agility, and efficiency. At less than 2,500 pounds, this formidable car will be a breeze on mountain roads. Drive it to the Scottish Highlands and test its agility in Forza Horizon 4 for 80% Completion on the Festival Playlist.

The final week of Forza Horizon 4 Series 63 is here, featuring the 1995 Ferrari F50, the 1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV and the 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor, as well as the iconic Dab emote. These rewards can be yours for completing the latest Festival Playlist events in Forza Horizon 4 by Thursday, April 4.


  • 50% Completion – Horizon Backstage Pass
  • 80% Completion – 1960 Porsche 356 RSR from Emory Motorsport


  • 50% Completion – Horizon Backstage Pass
  • 80% Completion – 2017 Alpine A110
Category Event Restriction Reward
Photo Challenge #MillingAround Take a photo of your Car with the Broadway Windmill Super Wheelspin
Weekly Forzathon Grand Prize Any Modern Sports Car 100 Forzathon Points
The Trial Porsche Cup Any Porsche – P1 100 - 998 2012 Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Showcase Remix Taxi for Takeoff 1964 Austin FX4 Taxi Super Wheelspin
Spring Games Rail Yard Retro Sports Car – A 800 Dab Emote
PR Stunt Hilltop Vista Danger Sign Anything Goes – S2 998 Super Wheelspin
PR Stunt Hythe House Speed Trap Anything Goes – S2 998 Super Wheelspin
PR Stunt The Bridge House Speed Zone Anything Goes – S2 998 Super Wheelspin
Seasonal Championship Back to the 90s 1990s Collection – S1 900 1995 Ferrari F50
Seasonal Championship Holden to Your Hats Any Holden – C 600 1988 Holden VL Commodore Group A SV
Seasonal Championship Bamburgh Offroad Championship Offroad – A 800 2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
Monthly Rivals Greendale Club Circuit 2008 Maserati MC12 Versione Corsa Festival Playlist Completion
Online Adventure Series 63 Qualify for the Online Adventure Roster Festival Playlist Completion

I forgot how tedious this trial was…4 races. The Porsche Strat took care of business though.

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You guys aren’t going to believe this. I got my 50% season backstage pass. First new one in years.
Maybe a Good Friday miracle? Sign of end times?

This is the second surprise of this series. First was monthly ranked was B700 dirt. I’ve never seen that in ranked, only unranked.



I got none for this series as per my usual luck :frowning:

Help required - After completing other Seasonal Challenges I then moved to the Seasonal PR Stunt “Hilltop Vista”. After selecting a appropriate car (1996 Ferrari F50 GT S2 998) set out and did jump well in excess of the target required to complete this task (over 12 occasions) and not once did it come back to say I’d achieved above the Seasonal objective target of 620.1 ft. Clearly there is an issue but what is the fix? I have raised a Ticket.

If you hit a tree on landing it fails your jump. The second chance skill perk usually fixes that. Only thing I can think of. :crossed_fingers:

Just a quick question…following the previous festival list that keeps repeating this coming thursday is C Rally right? If so Volvo it is.

I think it should be a repeat of season 40 so CC C600 Could be wrong though.

Fully understand if you it a tree, but I’m getting clean landing’s with great distances way in excess of the required target distance of 620.1 ft. Not sure what you mean by the second chance skill perk? Still awaiting assistance from “Forza Support” , I’m assuming they can fix the issue if they are aware of the problem.

Well there’s a turn up, must be my Lucky day today, I thought Ii would give it yet another go with my trusty Hoonigan and landed a PB of 745.4 ft, well chuffed :sunglasses:

I actually checked again last night and I did have a backstage pass!

Doesn’t make up for all that ones I didn’t get :frowning:

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Yeah I might go with the mini cooper this time. I used the volvo like two times already on this one. Mixing it up makes it not so repetitive. Really have been bored lately with the rinse and repeat of the same seasons. It’s like were stuck in a loop of about the same five seasons for a year.

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@PeachBard465482 Good idea to try a different car, glad you worked it out.

@Watsonero77 and @BurmaEK - We are in a repeat of series 63, so next up should be series 64 and the Midsummer Mazdaness trial.
I’d love to do that History Class trial again, that was lots of fun. But if it’s Mazda I’d recommend the RX-3 with tune by Team Fung.

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Thank you sumerdaisy445…Never used the rx so should be fun. I will give it a shot. Best way to keep these fresh is to try different cars I have found.