Festival Playlist events and rewards Oct. 12-19 (Summer S26)

what’s the highest number global list u seen? I don’t even remember as high as 6 mil but I’m sure some stuff has doubled over time

I think 6.5 M is around the highest I’ve seen but many events are still well under 2 M.
That’s the number of global players in the event ranking.

do u remember which event it was? there’s a few monthly rivals from when the game started with huge participation, I find them randomly sometimes

Not really able to list them all.
All I see is some with 6 M , many with much lower global players in the rankings.
That’s the number I take for engagement but I reckon many of those have also left over the years.
There’s probably some that I haven’t played for a long while that might be a lot higher but I don’t really know till I do them.

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also until very recently had many seasons with than 1000 dl’s, they closed a lot of cheaters and early access loopholes and legit players got a bump

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I think 6 mil is fair overall, that’s about 15% of people who got thru the beginning and unlocked the game basically

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I downloaded your tune Geistwriter. I quite liked it, handling wise it is very good. Win success rate of around 98 percent with it. The other 2 percent is 1 percent idiots ramming and pushing me out of checkpoints and the other 1 percent are actually well deserved wins by very good drivers :+1:

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I reckon the other 85% were the play it and forget it list.
I wasn’t trying to create any beef. I know your tunes are good - used a few in the past - but the “Just talking” bit was the thing that got to me.
Hope your figures for the next few weeks get up to the norm once people realise that FM was not the game they were expecting.

Okay something weird happened…

I started up my Xbox and updated fh5, right? Then it loaded (extremely slowly) and started; everything normal. Then it said I got a free McLaren Senna because I own fh4, and have for some time, but never received anything on fh5. Then, out of nowhere, I earn 7 rare achievements!!
Oddly enough, they were ones I had completed months ago and never received achievements for them.

Anyone have thoughts on this?

Just another glitch.
I got 13 supposedly new achievements that had all been completed a long time ago.

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Also, anyone know where the photo competition is? I can’t find it.

Not sure what you mean with this.
Is it the weekly photo thing or something else ?

Yes. I couldn’t find it.

Photo Challenge - 2 Pts - “#MARI-ARCH-I” - Photograph the 1970 Chevrolet El Camino Super Sport 454 at the Arch of Mulegé with the wheels turned to the right using Effects Mode.

Just take a Chevy El Camino to the Arch and take a photo. Turn your wheels to the right in the editor bit first before you photo it. You need to be stationary before the photo to get the editor to work.

I already did.

I meant on the forums.

Eh ?
Just take the car there, stop, take a photo but edit the photo with effects mode - Steering Right. Save the setting then take the photo.

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Thank you! That is what I was looking for!

I already did the in game challenge. I was looking for the competition on the forums.

Just my 2 cents on a couple things here after a quick read through:

The entire gaming industry in the last 5-8 years have put out titles mostly with the MVP ( minimal viable product ) approach of just push asap with the intention of fixing or finalizing stuff on the fly afterwards. Some have had success when it goes live and out in the wild while others have massive train wrecks. Some things just can’t be fixed because of bad or spaghetti code or the devs never anticipated that players would do something unexpected or not planned for without any contingencies in place. Other things may be extremely low performance from poor optimization that also has become increasingly normal as of late. So it’s not just FM that suffers from this but the industry itself. Most poor decisions generally come from middle and definitely from top management to appease the shareholders and not the devs, animators, pr personal … etc ( the worker bees ). The CM’s ( community managers ) take the brunt of the backlash by default of job title being the middle person between players and the rest of the company. The bottom line take away is this: they don’t make anything the way they used to… including video games.