Festival Playlist events and rewards Nov. 9-16 (Summer S27)

Here’s a nice 2017 Ford GT tune S1: 260116818
I was able to win the “wild wild west” eventlab with drivitars on unbeatable with it.

Okay, kudos to anyone who was able to use that Copo Camaro for all 3 HW races. I tried it in the first sprint race for teh lulz, but there was no way in hell I was subjecting myself to that for a 3-lap race. Dear lord, it may as well not even have a steering wheel. :smile:

(But seriously…why 3 laps on those bloated circuit races again? No one needs that.)


For anyone who is a fan of the seasonal stadium ice rink & you can’t wait to experience that sliding out of control feeling, I can highly recommend taking the Lucid for a spin :man_facepalming:t2:

The Copa Camaro is bucking bronco on the HW but it does flatten the opposition if you can keep it straight. Found it hard to go through on the water slide sections mind you.

Did an Abu Dhabi livery because…well I dunno really…but here’s the SC: 182 911 938 in case anyone is interested.


My Festival Playlist tunes didn’t get the engagement I was hoping for but I was bouyed by a couple of recent tunes that have done well.

My Silverado Trail Boss tune was 5 star rated after only one day.

My C600 Belvedere tune was 5 star rated after only two days.

It’s not going to be setting any top rivals times, at least not with me driving it, but it’s fun for general cruising and racing.

I was looking for a livery for it this morning but didn’t see any from our resident creators.
Now I have @Bravo437’s livery. Nice work.


Will give it a try later. Was contesting this one or the f-150 for the trial coming up this week in trucks for c class. I did a banger b class tune for it (my opinion at least lol)…and am curious what it drives like in A. To me as a primary dirt racer in this game this is my favorite vehicle from the pack. Something other than the ram or the benz or the scout.

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Hey, the R1T is going for multiple millions of credits right now, mostly because it’s punching well above its weight in A-class CC, or so I’ve heard anyway.

Edit for courtesy (I have a habit of not double posting): I’ve also been learning to tune lately, although I’ve been using mostly formula tunes I have deviated as needed to compensate for extremes or just not liking the feel. It seems to be working because one of my tunes (I wish I could tell what) got 1k downloads. I want to say it was the '19 Mustang, but I cannot say for sure. Hopefully I’ll be able to tune without aid soon.

In this episode of “I’m terrible at predicting what will be popular” the Blackout Shelby liveries are doing really well, and the Red Dropshadow has zero.

Also, one that I didn’t promote here got some downloads, so I thought I’d share:

Chevrolet 2018 Hotwheels Copo Camaro (Gold Stripes): 140 976 812
Just something I threw together as I intended to use this rocket on wheels on the HotWheels SC (because I’ve not really used it for anything else before).
Glossy black with metallic gold stripes.


I just read through the official announcement and it refers to the Lucid Air as an “all-rounder”, which is funny for a car that feels like it has negative grip. I know I’m going to see if I can crank up the understeer to fix that, because it sounds like a fun challenge, not for any practical reason.

No, it’s definitely an “all-rounder”

It’s terrible all-round.


The acceleration and top speed are higher than you’d expect from an EV. Honestly, could be le funny as a drag machine, but literally anywhere else it’s “why would you drive this stock!?”

Funny, because I had a blast driving it for the monthly rivals event. That thing yeets.

I hooned the Lucid it a bit in rivals. The series rivals uses the perk tree of the car you’re in when you start so I had a 7x multiplier. I was trying to find a way to make it entertaining. :person_shrugging: not sure if I succeeded.

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Question - how do you perk up the Lucid when it’s not available till Winter season ?
What am I missing ?

“uses the perk tree of the car you’re in when you start”


So I can use any car with a decent perk tree and it will bump up the Lucid ?

Hmm… no answer. Still don’t see how car perks on other cars can help with lap times on the Lucid when everybody is supposed to be running the same stock car in these monthly trials.
What’s the deal ?

You’re welcome to boot up the game and try it. :+1: not sure what you’re asking but, yes with anything related to perks?

So I’ve been running the game for a few hours now - just shut down in fact as it’s time for bed for a long day at work ahead.
Still don’t get what running car perks helps with lap times.

Me neither. Tmk it doesn’t.

OK - so I’m not missing anything. Everybody runs the same stock car in these Monthlys.
Good to know. :+1: