Festival Playlist events and rewards Mar. 16-23 (Winter S18)

Thanks Ron, I appreciate that! Glad you liked it.

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Your Offroad tyres tune will do 3.08s at Cordillera (at least - which is very good) but I don’t think this one can get near that as it just doesn’t have the grip on the dirt. Possibly it’s better for Tapalpa given all the power sections but it’s quite a heavy trade off for any course requiring handling.

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Well I searched and searched on HW - found nothing. Went back to Mexico and found this one in the creative hub Blueprints that triggered it.

Eventlab - Hotwheels Archievement - Mister White76 - SC - 111 612 606 - 0.3mile straight run, A 800

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Just noticed it was Cake Day as well !!! I’de just got out of hospital after a stroke and joined the forums. Thanks for the pressie. :smiley:

Thanks @Jezza14! I love my original tune and happy to have your endorsement on it. On Tapalpa the worst I finished was 3rd after a poor start and getting walled by a teammate at the first hard right hander. I have yet to be beat at Cordillera with my off-road tune. I figured I would try something with a bit more power and see how it worked. It’s been good so far but for overall lap times the off-road tire tune is definitely better. The white wall tire tune does get through the rivers better at Tapalpa. Too bad you can’t switch tune’s between rounds…lol

That was super cool and greatly appreciated! :grin:


It’d be cool if you could designate one vinyl group for a “livery by” and one vinyl group for a “tune by” (maybe one for when it’s both… that’s not really applicable for me) that would allow for an otherwise locked livery to have those modifications added on by anyone. There’s probably some way to abuse/exploit that. So for now, I end up having to re-invent the wheel/logo on folks I want to rep (at least on liveries I share).

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Forza Horizon 5: Festival Playlist Events - WINTER - SERIES 18
For players who need help: Cars and Tunes

Forzathon Weekly
Code Tune HOONIGAN GYMKHANA 10 FORD FOCUS RS RX 2016 … 742 952 776

The Trial: Trail Mix
Code Tune ALPINE A110 1600S 1973 … 149 636 111

EventLab: GT DENY
Code Tune HOONIGAN FORD RS200 EVOLUTION 1986 … 689 478 764

Code Tune JEEP TRAILCAT 2016 … 716 987 247

Playground Games:
Code Tune HOT WHEELS RIP ROD 2012 … 100 415 859

Danger Sign: Stadium Jump
Code Tune RIMAC CONCEPT TWO 2019 … 101 843 058

Speed Zone: Rocky Hills
Code Tune HOONIGAN FORD RS200 EVOLUTION 1986 … 837 501 944

Trail Blazer: Quebrada
Code Tune HOONIGAN FORD RS200 EVOLUTION 1986 … 960 427 499

Seasonal Championship: Rally to Rumble
Code Tune MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION X GSR 2008 … 148 590 969

Seasonal Championship: Sprint Finish
Code Tune AUDI SPORT QUATTRO 1983 … 487 290 993


HW Drift Zone: Ice Cauldron
Code Tune FORD #88 MUSTANG RTR 201 … 388 960 171

HW Seasonal Championship: Zero to Hero
Code Tune LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT SVR 2015 … 111 790 327

Super 7: Super Wheelspin

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Crop Circle eventlab was quite simplistic but was fun.

The HW River Run was also fun but probably a bit too long.

Alpine Trial was great.

I am quite enjoying this rally/wilds theme which I guess is all about getting people warmed up for the expansion.

The rest of the playlist was straightforward and fairly meh.

Spent quite a bit of time on a speed tune & design for this one. It’s a bit of a unique set-up & took a while to get it in a target zone for my liking. It will hit 162 mph top end & handles pretty nicely on the tarmac & dirt. Share codes below for anyone interested in giving it a go.

Tune SC: 147 882 874 “I4T Max”
Design SC: 676 647 678 “Sierra FM•Baja”


Looks nice!

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Thanks, much appreciated!

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Looks like you’ve been busy.
Not usually a fan of these types of cars but this looks pretty tasty.
Nice Work.

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Thanks, I appreciate that! & Happy Cake Day!

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I guess it still is where you are. For me it ended just over an hour ago.
At least I got to stuff my face for a bit and an accolade to boot. :football::goal_net:

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Smashing trial tune this week - feels slow but I don’t like C class cars. A pair of wins - so clearly it’s not slow, although that could be because I had been watching F1 that morning :laughing:

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Thank you! :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:
I agree it feels (and is) slow…then the dirt hits and it surprisingly fast. :woman_shrugging: My rivals times surprised me when tuning it! :joy: I’m glad it worked well for you!! :grin:

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I think some genius just realised they were in a co-op game in front of people. :sweat_smile: OOPS. They suddenly disappeared really quick. :wink: Super dirty and miraculously able to instantly recover at warp speed. I certainly hope it was worth it for a cheap seasonal event though, haha.

Nice Sierra tune btw @CashlessPlains8 - steering feels a bit heavy but that means it doesn’t oversteer. It’s nicest when you have space and can pick your lines and I enjoyed the whale tail look and went with full white iridescent wheels.

It would have easily won both races, but for for one of the most desperate and filthy defences I’ve seen since Jose Mourinho found the keys to Chelsea’s team bus. :laughing::bus:

Get ahead, hit your marks and it’s a sweetheart. It delivers its power effectively and is not at all unpredictable.

@TonyKartRcr - Naturally this is more agile being RWD. It keeps momentum better through the corners but is trickier to drive and a bit less immediately predictable as a trade. It did not like the first hairpin at Volcan but felt better as I drove on.

It feels in more jeapordy at the start of races but is easier to make passes in the traffic, being able to narrow and widen the lines a bit more freely and when it does get its power down it gets away quick. Probably liked Cashless more for race 1 and yours for race 2.

Good options eitherway. :+1:


Thanks for trying the tune and providing feedback! :pray:
I’m glad it worked well for you! :grin:

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Yeah two very different races between race 1 & 2 this week. My off-road tire tune I was very happy with. Race 1 the rivers definitely had an impact on my car. That said the worst I finished was 3rd in the 20 some odd trials I ran. The extra weight and AWD cars got through the rivers better. Come race 2 though. I never lost. That car flat out dominated by a large margin. I believe Jezza did a 3:08 in it. Thanks as always for your downloads and feedback @PassionWagon69. I feel like you are my official test driver…lol


Yeah, vintage tyres build has a bit of an edge on the first track but only a second or so. Second track the offroads dominate, by several seconds. Interesting contrast.

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