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The context was people who claiming to not have their skill chain break when creating into things. Your post in which you talk about calling bs was in response to and talking about issues with the Extreme E skill chain breaking when hitting cacti. A very clear and obvious message that you thought people who claimed not to face that issue were lying.

Here’s the video. Did this using the #58 McLaren with an A800 tune by Ugrundy.

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I have one of the Extreme E’s as an S1 Class and i just zoomed around near the Stadium and had it done in no time at all. I had X5 multiplier and stopped at about 300K i believe. Didn’t break once. I did go to the Cactus area on the map and did several runs with X5 multiplier and hit some decent xp but i will agree that on a couple it did break when i was jumping and hit the top of cactus or light pole.

I will add though that this isn’t something that only occurs with Extreme E. I do recall several other cars in the game that broke their skill chains way to easily as well.

We’re talking about the last Daily Challenge which involves getting 100,000 skill score in the Extreme E. Some people are experiencing skill chains breaking way too easily on it.


Sorry, I don’t even have that one yet. I had assumed that term referred to multiple electric cars. That weekly car I was referring to is just a grocery wagon E I guess. :smile:

It can be any of the Extreme E vehicles. Right now there are five or six available (same horrible vehicle really with different racing liveries).

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Ok. I have to eat some of my words, but not all! I tried the daily skill Forzathon for the 100000SP in the #44 e junk car. First run I got to 5x and 33k then stopped to bank the points. I actually got a good SP run in an e junk car.

I say some of my words… because…

Four more consecutive runs failed to produce an SP run into or past the 4x level before some erratic something caused the chain breaks. One break was a clean jump and landing in the open, one was a cactus, one was a power pole, and one was a guardrail.

E junk is frustrating to no end.


I agree the Extreme E is junk. I have experienced skill chains breaking for what should have been clean jumps. But I haven’t personally noticed skill chains breaking by hitting breakable things. I’ve even hit the stone walls along the highway which have broken skill chains in other vehicles at times. Not saying that you and others aren’t having issues. But the inconsistency in player experience despite doing the same thing in the same vehicles even on the same system is one of the negatives to the FH5 player experience.


Personally I just shelled out the 25 skill points so that it took 2 collisions to break the skill chain. Did 50,000 x 10 during a skill song for 10 skill points. Piece of cake and no issues breaking the skill chain.

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I’ve seen it happen a few times seemingly at random, usually in the Extreme E vehicles but I’m sure not exclusive to them. Something with the collision detection must be freaking out.

On an unrelated note, what happened to daily Forzathon tasks showing your progress in the playlist? That was a definitely a thing in FH4, but now you get no information about how much you’ve completed, so you have to try and track it mentally and hope that every skill or whatever is actually registering.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it for the Dailies in FH5. It’s only been more recently added to the Weekly playlist chapters in FH5.

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I drifted on the runway for 5 x 20k.

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A bit late for this weeks challenges, but maybe it will help some people for the Extreme E championships the next two weeks.

For the Prix I championship I won the first to races somewhat easily. When I got to the last one (the downhill one) I noticed my vehicle was topping out ~135mph and the AI vehicles were flying past me. Pause menu → restart race. Before I restarted though I went into the tune vehicle option. In there I played with the Final Drive ratio and shoved it towards the “Speed” end. This showed a top speed ~161mph, but once I started the race I was hitting 170 going downhill and had no problems beating the AI. Acceleration might be a hair slower than stock, but I haven’t really noticed it and it hasn’t affected my ability to beat the AI in these championships.

This 1 lap thing has to stop. I was having good time racing. I was 4th and catching up to 3 in front. Near end of lap sides of screen go darker and 3 cars in front of me braked so hard it looked like they hit invisible wall just before crossing the line.

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Here is a clear example of chain breaking

So no offence but why do people insist on using the cactus to smash up the xp points when other areas of the map (ie: non cactus) can be utilised to do exactly the same thing and more than likely not break a skill chain.

My point is we are talking about a measly 100,000 xp which takes bugger all to get. I get it that it breaks the skill chain, so do other cars in the inventory, but it isn’t really that much of an issue.

It just seems to me that it’s a pile on of hate for Extreme E and if that’s the case then fine, but people shouldn’t be making this out to be a problem uniquely related to Extreme E cars.

Well I kind of like the Extreme E cars (and completed the daily task in exactly the same area doing exactly the same things yesterday) but the problems with the skill chains in my experience seem to be almost unique to them. It’s not a big deal to me but it’s clear they aren’t working as intended and they are extremely inconsistent with what stops them.

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Thank you for the support on the skill chain issue. I have had skill chain breaks with other cars on occasions. But they are rare and random. The skill chain breaks I am experiencing with these e extreme cars are consistent and almost predictable. I’ve had some chains break below 3x. But once the multiplier reaches 3x the likelihood of the chain breaking goes up considerably. I’ve even had a chain break while in the air during a jump.

I got required 20k+ before multiplier in random area somewhere in middle of map. I haven’t tried area near volcano yet.

Skill chain breaking mid jump is not unique to Extreme E cars. Nor it is bug.

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It is not an issue. Done in under 2 minutes. I gather the majority are probably in the same boat as me.

I also did not enable extra life as well.