Festival Playlist events and rewards Aug. 4-11 (Winter S10)

I seem to recall WP versions working and counting as equivalent before, but you’re correct, not the FE versions.


Restarted Xbox, restarted game, changed between taycan wp and regular several time, other cars and back, is there some **** trick to get this game to actually work??

Tried with the Turbo S and the “Welcome Pack” and neither completed the first chapter. I also bought another Turbo S and still no completion. Tried restarting the game and still no.

Update - I started the game this morning and Chapter 1 was already checked off.

Almost lost my first Trial for the season. Just me and one other player in a tuned MercBenz. I think he just downloaded a power tune and he couldn’t handle it. At the start of each race he was pulling hard left and it would take several seconds to get it under control.

He was fighting with the last AI in the first race and didn’t score but we won 650-600. In the second race, there were two runaway AI and I could barely see them after the first lap. He scored 200 but we lost 650-600. Chihuahua had one runaway AI and it looked like we were going to lose but I got 2nd and he managed to get in front of two AI the last lap.

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Interesting! So what?

If you don’t care about a post, just ignore. Don’t be the person who has to say something negative just because they aren’t interested in what someone else says on the forums.


Forza Horizon 5: Festival Playlist Events - WINTER - SERIES 10
For players who need help: Cars and Tunes
Rewards - WINTER

  • 1964 Porsche 356 C Cabriolet Emory Special
  • KTM X-Bow GT4
  • Super Wheelspin
  • 2018 Saleen S1
  • SNAP! Emote
  • 1959 Jaguar Mk II 3.8
  • 2022 Extreme E #55
  • 2022 Extreme E #22
  • Extreme E Yellow Race Suit
  • Porsche Cayman
  • 100 Forzathon Points
  • Farid Rueda Bear Cap Clothing
  • 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S


Speed Trap: Forest Edge
Code Tune PORSCHE 911 GT3 2004 … 302 762 811
Code Tune PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO S 2020 … 417 374 156

Championship: Grand Touring Canyon
Code Tune MITSUBISHI GTO 1997 … 145 829 867

Forzathon Weekly
Code Tune PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO S 2020 … 417 374 156

The Trial: C Class Heroes
Code Tune MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE GSX 1995 … 151 767 302

Code Tune MASERATI GRAN TURISMO S 2010 … 168 788 327

Playground Games: Survival
Code Tune PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO S 2020 … 417 374 156

Danger Sign: La Cruz
Code Tune RELIANT SUPERVAN III 1972 … 103 496 739

Speed Trap: Canyon Pass
Code Tune MOSLER MT900S 2010 … 944 925 063

Seasonal Championship: Extreme E Copper Prix I
Code Tune EXTREME E #42 XITE RACING TEAM 2022 … 521 312 939

Seasonal Championship: Extreme E Copper Prix II
Code Tune EXTREME E #42 XITE RACING TEAM 2022 … 521 312 939

Seasonal Championship: Unplugged
Code Tune PORSCHE TAYCAN TURBO S 2020 … 417 374 156

Treasure Hunt: Practical Metal

  • Win Copper Canyon Cross Country race in an EV.
  • First race of Extreme E Copper Prix II
    Code Tune EXTREME E #42 XITE RACING TEAM 2022 … 521 312 939

Super 7: Super Wheelspin

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Got my points in spite of the weekly forzathon. Changing from Mexico to hot wheels, and/or back. WP version or not, and even the one I won, doing it on XSX or X1X, nothing worked to get the weekly to even acknowledge I was driving the car.

It’s a first for me, but not surprising, just aggravating how much time I spent jumping through their hoop. Laughs on me.

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Used same jump and managed to clear it after a couple of failed landings.
Triggered OK so might be another of those random bugs that affect some players but not all.


I used the Jaguar D-type since it was reported to be the fasted car in FH4 (except the glitch tuned 599x EVO, which can‘t be tuned to S1) and reached 450km/h (approx 282mph) at the HW Forest Edge speedtrap approaching from the north.

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@honz12 Great job on that track. Better content than whole HW DLC :slight_smile:
How long does it take to create something like that?


The share codes are listed somewhere up in this thread. It’s even better with cars on the track.

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I’m blind….where’s the share code for that track? Agreed, it’s a good one. Want to record the share code under my collection.

There is some great creations out there. Found a 12 lap race around Monza GP the other day! My console almost has a stroke running it but it looked impressive.

Thank you, tbh I ever timed myself, but took a LOT of hours :rofl:

:sunny: 178 265 363
:crescent_moon: 115 743 799


Nice! Thanks! Got the day one written down. I would do the night one but my Xbox one s console has a conniption when running custom night races.

You guys should try this Monza GP race:
Autodromo Nazionale Monza T39: 168 676 228

Hope you like endurance! It’s pretty well done. Only posting here to draw PG’s attention to it. It must have taken this guy days to do it.

:sunny: 178 265 363

:moon: 115 743 799

I saved the tracks to my phone. Day time and night time tracks.

Oh, just see where he posted. Ok. I’ll give your track a try.

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Can anyone recommend a tune for the photo challenge?