Festival Playlist bug reporting | Winter S18 | Mar 16-23

Please Vote on this topic if you experience any bug issues specifically related to the events the Winter season Festival Playlist March 16-23

Festival Playlist events and rewards Mar. 16-23 (Winter S18)

We’re watching for reports related to cars not being recognized for events, EventLab bugs, or any other event issues.

Before you post:

  • Remember to try rebooting your device to clear any issues
  • General game crashing is a separate issue: Afterburner and other 3rd party software, or GPU drivers may be related.
  • Forzathon Weekly not recognizing the required car or resetting is a Known Issue

Please be sure to include which platform you’re using, which specific car model and PI, and any details we can use to repro the bug.

This will help us quickly spot these bugs.

Is anyone else having difficulty in getting the 2016 Hoonigan Gymkhana 10 Ford Focus RS RX weekly challenge progress to show up in this week’s FH5 challenges?

I took the one I already had (tuned and repainted) out, drove it to the Tunnel race, winning the event. However, when I checked my progress it hadn’t even recorded that I’d driven the car. That’s a new one.

Since Hoonigan’s Gymkhana 10 Focus was the prize in one of the weekly events on one of the user-made circuit challenges, I entered that with my Gymkhana 9 Focus, I won the ‘new’ G10 car and drove it (unaltered) to the Tunnel event. Again, the game showed no progress in the Gymkhana 10 Focus challenge.

I’ve rebooted my Xbox, though the reboot now into the 45+ minute range and it’s still showing the beautiful Mexican scenery and playing music. I am not sure if I dare restart the console again.

What to do?


(P.S. - my past experience with the Forza ‘Support’ Hub has resulted in no support whatsoever so I am trying here out of desperation.)

3rd week in a row that the forzathon car isn’t recognised.

Quit game and started again fixed it.

Thanks. I took your advice and it seems to have worked. Rebooting during that extended load was a daunting experience though.


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