Festival Playlist bug reporting | Autumn S18 | March 9-16

Please Vote on this topic if you experience any bug issues in the Autumn season Festival Playlist March 2-9


Before you post:

  • Remember to try rebooting your device to clear any issues
  • If you experience game crashing, submit a ticket at Forza Support and include your ticket number here

Issues we’re watching for include:

  • Forzathon Challenges resetting, not recognizing required car, not completing according to requirements
  • Events and Challenges not completing or recognizing an eligible car
  • EventLab bugs

Please be sure to include which platform you’re using, which specific car model and PI, and any details we can use to repro the bug.

This will help us quickly spot these bugs.

I,ve got 2 Hoonicorns, bought another one, but chapter 1 is not triggerd


i got the same problem aswell chapter 1 not working for me aswell

Forzathon chapter 1 didn’t register that I was in the correct car, 65 hoonigan.


Fixed by quitting game and restarting it.

After 3/8 update, game continues to want to sync (on PC) every time I start the game. Eventually once I get into the game, neither of the event lab races on the playlist are playable (game states I need to join a horizon “life” session, even though I’m online in game). The rest of the playlist I completed without issue.

Forzathon chapter 1 did not unlock for me. I already have both Hoonicorn, and I certainly don’t want to buy a new one just to see if it’ll fix as a workaround. Restarting the game and hard reset did not work for me at all.

Fixed for me, thank you :+1: Plus gotta say that the Forzathon requirements were good. Diverse and simple. :+1: