Ferrari F12 tdf tachometer display very dim and unreadable.

I noticed that the tachometer display on the F12 tdf is very difficult to read in low light conditions (cloudy) during the day. Can someone at PG/T10 please look into this? The same tachometer display on the 488 GTB is perfectly lit not matter what the conditions are (day/night/low light, etc). I removed the default analog display placed to the right of the screen in the HUB/Display section so in-car view feels even more immersive.


I have that very same issue friend. It’s a shame PG won’t take notice to something like this. You need the dials to drive after all. Ironically the normal F12 has a normal tac. I think it has to do witht eh cockpit contrast for that specific car. Even worse is that when I tuned my monitor for better contrast it didn’t help much to see it. The only real times I can see the tac is during night when its been lit up, or when the light isn’t directly hitting the cockpit.

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Whenever I try to apply any sort of paint to my F12tdf the cockpit becomes over exposed in shadows and you cannot read the rev dial at all. I tried to even put the stock paint jobs and still no difference. Nearly nothing on the dashboard it readable. The normal F12 by contrast is completely fine with nothing wrong with its shadows. I tried purchasing a new car with the exact same specs and the same thing happened again. For the love of god Play Ground can you please fix this? I didn’t pay $20 just to drive a car with out a dashboard.