Ferrari 812 Superfast Rarity

Did you expect an exclusive Ferrari to be common?

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Exclusive? The 812 Superfast should be rarer than the Ferrari 250 GTO, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, Lamborghini Centenario, Lamborghini Veneno, & etc., plus all the vintage classics which are literally sold in the autoshow?

The 812 Superfast is not the car to make this rare. Just put it in the dang autoshow, or have it appear in Forzathon shop or seasonal rewards more often.

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No modern production car should be considered this rare as the 812 imho.

There’s not much correlation between real world availability and in-game availability anyway.

I mean, jeezus, the 2018 Honda Civic Type R is relatively uncommon in-game too, and it’s not exactly exotic in real life. And though I’ve been playing for months and have done hundreds and hundreds of wheelspins, I still don’t have the 2004 Subaru WRX STi. And I can’t even find one in the auction house, though I check often.

So saying the 812 should be ultra-rare in-game because it’s a high-end model in real life just doesn’t make sense. The LaFerrari is in the autoshow, and it’s more exotic than the 812.


Game rarity has nothing to do with real life rarity.

The Devs have assured us (indirectly) that the 812 will return in some way. Stop whining (people that are wining).

I’ve got 3. If anyone needs one just message me and we’ll try get you one.


Diligentthn helped me buy an 812 Superfast from him! He’s a nice guy and I recommend buying ANY rare car you’re trying to buy (but couldn’t) from him! He showed me a SUPER RARE vehicle :grinning::uk::+1:t2:

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I just missed one on AH, made me quite sad tbh, more than a game should, i’m pretty sure. First one i’ve encountered ever and have been looking for it since i got the game, so early December ? … I wish they’d finally put it on F-Shop, but I am 95% sure it’s gonna be the next Festival 80% item …

When the 812 returns it’ll probably be as a seasonal prize. The car costs 1,4 million and Playground probably doesn’t want people trading in their FP for 812s only to resell then in the AH to earn money. Which is also one of the reasons why cars in the Forzathon Shop cost so much now.

Couldn’t they like… I dunno… make it so you can only purchase one copy of each car from the Forzathon shop? That would keep them from flooding the AH wouldn’t it? Sometimes simple problems need simple solutions.

I really want the 812 to appear: it’s one of just 2 non-autoshow cars that I don’t have yet. And I love me some Ferraris.

The only car I haven’t got so far! I’m wondering why it still hasn’t come out to buy with forza points :man_shrugging:t2::confused:

I have sold mine in disgust months ago when i had to tune it for doing the speed trap challenge in Edinburgh and have never gotten close to get one back.

Your comment sort of means that you don’t like computer games full stop.

Not really, I love the game, what I don’t like is hideous spoilers and cars that have been molested into aesthetic nirwana.
Funnily enough I should have kept it and removed the tune, but the vignette in the menu where the cars a re displayed stays the same ( with the ridiculous bodywork and spoilers, who do what they say on the tin,’ spoil the car ’ )

So to summarize I love the game, love driving cars but I don’t like tuning and massively OTT bodywork.

So the picture stays the same? Even if you paint the car? I think that a new picture is posted after painting.

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You are right… I just changed the colours of the rims and the pic reverted to stock… i feel like a 50 y old man… which i am…

Hm, Ok I might have to try painting the car once removed the tune, however when I just remove the tune the picture stays the same, all spoilers and bodywork from the tune still present…

If you remove a tune, it doesn’t seem like the thumbnail gets updated. BUT, if you are in the tuning menu, and hit the button that says something like ‘revert to stock parts’, the game will save and update the thumbnail.

I have duplicates of most rare cars but I’d never sell most of them for the pennies the auction house allows. That’s why you never usually see rare cars in the auction house. No way I’m selling a rare car for 40,000 so some leech can sell it to someone else for 20,000,000. They need to fix the ridiculous price differences that people can sell cars for. I’ll delete them all before I sell them at the prices I’m allowed.