Ferrari 499P 2023-current

yeah come on now it’s definetly time, it would be such a great addiction, now that it won le mans again and with the fact Forza now has endurance races


Forza Ferrari :sunglasses::it::trophy:
[Forza means power]

I know that very well also strength and force.

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I think we will get the LMDh cars first like the BMW, Acura, Lamborghini and Alpine…then one of the WEC cars which would be the highly requested 499P. I dont see Toyota, Peugeot, Isotta, Vanwall or Glickenhaus coming into Forza.

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All remaining LMH/Dh machines will make the trace and cut to this franchise especially Forza Motorsport (and vitally other franchises too) every one til the fleets completed! Nothing gets left behind. You’d see thus admitting the most anticipated of this jewel of Hypercars Ferrari 499P every franchise into the making and T10 team is one amongst the developer company’s into fulfilling the prophecy! :it::it::it::heart::yellow_heart::heart:

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Actually, peugeot 9x8 was leaked. (Sort of)

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Patiently waiting for the 499p and Mustang GT3 to be added to the roster. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


Monstrous number of votes since the last two weeks topping the top step of the overall Le Mans podium. See to the endearing Ferrari 499P finally added!

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Oh nice Alessandro but mine is in Spanish.
Add this Ferrari.

And now the car became a two-time champion and became a modern legend…I think…I’m not really sure but…ok

@AleMena10 @DaniloBritto914 Worth the appearance from the back to back Le Mans Display for the 499P requested everywhere aswell as Forza Motorsport.

It may be the first joker evolution of the 499P and overall within the Hypercar field but it’s inevitable appearance here of Forza Motorsport (plus others) comes the number one priority no matter the cost.