Ferrari 458 Speciale

Something is not right about this car in the game. The car is super loose to the point of it being undrivable, its just oversteers all the time. Driving the Mclarean 650s and 458 Speciale back to back, its really night and day difference how stable they are. Clearly the 458 Speciale isn’t this unstable and loose in real life.

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I drove it on day 2 and it is absolutely horrible to drive. I know how to handle cars and I know how to drive but myself and my friend who has top 100 times on most tracks cant even drive it. The Nurburgring is our favorite track and this car oversteers at 20mph!!! Something has to be wrong in the coding or something.

Because active aerodynamics is broken in game.

could be. i hated the p1 and veyron. it was like you had to learn a new car/tune for every corner. and until you posted those pics i never realized how flat forza cars look. time to give up on teh graphics and get back to the gameplay. thats what made fm1 the best forza ever anyway. if i want graphics i watch a movie, i play a game because i want gameplay.