Ferrari 312T2 on the live

Hello, yesterday I played on the live in R category and there was a guy driving the Ferrari 312 T2 … me I don’t have the possibility to choose that car, it’s not on the list of available cars that you can choose for the race…so my question is: is there someone that know how to do to have that car available??? thanks in advance

As far as I am aware Turn 10 updated the game a few months back to prevent the Ferrari 312T and the McLaren equivalent from being used in public hoppers for R class because they were so dominant. As such I assume someone has found a shady way getting round this.

Having said that I did see someone using one online the other night as well. But no there shouldn’t be a way of doing this unless I’ve missed something.

Drag slicks…seems a waste of good hp to me…Charles

Thank you Wacky for your answer…