Fell into a hole

My car skipped over a guard rail and as soon as i started to go my car fell into a hole and and kept free falling until i landed clear across the map during online freeroam and my car is now not in my garage and i rebooted and and is still gone i was stuck what look like inbetween the the road and the ground darn hole stole my car though and it was that Gift car we got the Lamborghini with owel paint job nice lookin car too.Ive had alot of wierd things happen but never lost a car in a hole lol.


Satan stole your car??


I had a car fall into a hole too, happened in a manned like described above where it popped over a stone guard rail and then fell, but my car was returned to the track in the same way it would if I had of flipped it.

Mine was in single player during a race though - but I am wondering if it was the same hole in the map as it sounds very familiar.

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You say it was in online free roam … how did you end the session? Did you try fast traveling back onto the map? If the car is now gone from your garage, perhaps the car leaving the map suggested to the game that it assume you had gotten rid of it. Either way, sounds like you have to cough up the credits for a replacement.

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How did you end the session? Did you end the session? How did you quit the game?

There is a hole in Sisteron near one of the buildings - it wasn’t this one was it? This doesn’t sound good though - hope it wasn’t an expensive car.

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I unplugged the xbox the hard reset didnt work.

A hole? Which version is this? I’ve had a bug where in photomode the camera appears under the map and my car is a speck above. Happens around Castelletto as you go up the road to the north up the hill towards the industrial zone.

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Damn pot holes


My brother and I were cruising around on the freeway and he smacked into a wall in the center median hard enough to freak out the collision detection and ended up on the other side of the wall, in an area clearly blocked on all four sides and not meant for driving. As he drove around the perimeter of the wall looking for a way out, he suddenly fell through the map. It let him fall for about as long as it would let you wreck, and then repositioned him on the highway as if nothing had happened.

Hate to hear of you losing your car, but bottomless pits definitely exist in this game under the right (or wrong) circumstances.

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I’ve had this happen a couple of times where I smack a tree or indestructible telephone pole so hard it seems to slice my car in half and it lets me keep going as I pop out on the other side.

Are u guys and gals playing the disc or the Ultimate download version iam playing the download version and dont know if different things can happen vs disc or digital download

Damn black holes.

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I would imagine that the car was removed from your save in the unusual circumstances you found yourself. Just buy/save for another. It’s all you can realistically do. Sucks i know, but nothing else to be done i fear.

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I’m on Xbox one. I have broke through the map many times from landing hard from a jump that gets me to the 101 feet up. Sometimes I free fall forever and sometimes I can fast travel to anywhere if the game will let me pause. Never lost a car yet.

I have also hit guard rails and walls hard enough to be stuck in them or break through to blue free fall. It is also possible to fall through shipping containers at the dock area west of Nice. If you drive off a high container to a lower one it can happen. If the game will let me pause, I can fast travel out.

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It sounds like the roads in my village , hit a hole and it is good bye


Blimey, is your village in middle earth? lol

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How did you all do that?
I have played open world games for a long time and therefore I often try to get to places where I am not supposed to be.
I already fell in the blue void in Trackmania, Midtown Madness 2, Minecraft and Gothic but never in Horizon 2.
I deliberately tried to get past barriers, tried to jump in the lake in the north or tried to jump up hills in the southwest but everytime I try to get in these “restricted” areas I hit an invisible wall.^^
Best game for such things was Midtown Madness 2 with all the mod-cars. You could jump on the roofs of buildings and out of the world.

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Have no clue i wasnt trying to do it i lost a car wich is replaceable iam worried of losing my game data and hours of play wich i dont think would happend.

MY car has fallen into a hole also, but I got it back, and I have the day1 hard copy

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