Features that FH5 is in dire need of

#1 Split times

  • The reasoning behind the removal of splits is unclear since it’s a feature that was in the previous installment and is a core feature in racing games.

#2 Proximity arrow

  • Would be a great QoL feature that has been in the Motorsport games but hasn’t been in any of the Horizon games as far as I can remember. Great for people who play in cockpit/hood cam.

#3 Ranked gamemodes (Racing solo/team and Drift)

  • Controversial topic. Would be a great returning feature from the previous installment since it gives the player a sense of progression in the way of League Points and ranks plus an actual reason to try to win.
  • Unlike the previous installment, though, it should be completely optional and not part of the Festival Playlist, which from what I’ve seen was the biggest grievance as to why some people were against Ranked in the first place.
  • Another way to make ranked truly balanced and highlight player skill would be to have it be only stock/spec cars attributed by the game to the players (every player in the same stock/spec car) selected from a pool of vehicles that makes sense according to the type of race/drift event that the player ends up getting when said player queues.
  • Having Ranked in the game would also boost overall stream viewership numbers, like they did in the previous installment.

#4 Ability to change rivals ghosts inside the event

  • Feature from FM7, huge QoL not having to leave the event to manually select another rival.

#5 Ability to watch rivals replays

  • Great feature to see how other players were able to achieve their times.
  • Potentially a great feature that makes it easier to spot cheated times that aren’t as obvious.

#6 Ability to download the same tune as your rival by selecting the player’s name and having the ‘download tune’ option (if it’s a public tune)

  • QoL feature from FM7

#7 Spectator mode for events

  • Goes without saying, facilitates content creation.

Hopefully these suggestions are looked at carefully, since they’re much needed. Most of them are from other Forza games.

Thanks for your attention.

Would also love the addition/return of spec rivals for each track, as was in FH4.
A possible link to this is spec multiplayer adventures, with everyone given the same stock car for the entire playlist, and each playist is a different stock car


This is very much on point. PGG, we understand that horizon is the more casual of the forza franchise, but please acknowledge that competitive drivers also play your game, and that game is slowly dying in their eyes. Would be amazing if you could cater to those people too


Also fix bugs and add stability to nvidia drivers plz!!


Very much agreed. As a Forza Horizon 5 race commentator, we struggle from the lack of #1 and #7 particularly; it requires us to watch via POVs streamed on Twitch from the competing drivers, and without split times it is impossible to tell whether ground is being gained or lost beyond just looking at the minimap. A spectator mode would enable us not only to be able to watch and comment on the race in real time, but also to switch between the POVs of every driver quickly and easily - not just those whose POVs are being streamed live. It would also enable us to view the telemetry of each vehicle, so the driver’s controller movements, shifting patterns and powerband utilisation can be seen externally and used for not only commentary, but also to check legitimacy of builds and tunes in certain cases. While it is understandable that on custom tracks it would be difficult or impossible to implement fixed camera angles, like in Forza Motorsport 7, an appropriate spectator mode could still be achieved just by allowing a viewer to cycle through the replay cameras already featured in the game. Paired with that which is already featured across the Forza Motorsport franchise, this could present a huge boost to content creators and streamers in their ability to watch races, and to avoid them having to take up race spots in lobbies just to watch the race take place (e.g. AR12’s Elgato championships). With the removal of Ranked gamemodes (as mentioned in #3) and the excessive quantities of cheated times still featured on the Rivals leaderboards over 10 months since the game’s release, Forza Horizon 5 is already a difficult game to host competition within - these features would be a huge step forward for those subcommunities such as Forza Team Wars, Horizon Street Wars, 1 Hour of Racing, etc., who just want a good environment to race and present races in.


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I totally agree with this feature request and really think these items should be in the game, especially the ones that already were in the game.

Spacing indicators would be massive because they allow you to play the game the way you want to play it. I remember having to relearn 3rd person for FH4 because of a lack of spacing indicators resulting in accidental ramming from cockpit view… but I had played in that view since FM4… Would really love to be able to go back to the way I like to play racing games the most instead of having to choose between enjoyment or accidentally ramming people.

Split times are also super important. Sure they might make some people feel bad when they see the numbers of the person in front of them getting bigger, or they could see it as a challenge and try to improve and step up. That’s how I get when I see the gaps getting bigger, I just want to get better. Not seeing them makes it hard to judge how far people are from you, and in many ways, this lack of information has lead to more ramming simply because people aren’t aware others are around them… because they have nothing to tell them that outside the map where the dots could be overlaying each other based on how close people are anyways. It’s more for your information than anything else, and would love to see them return. I really think it would clean up a lot of the open lobby racing in general as well. More information leads to better racing and more enjoyable gameplay for all.

Outside of the gameplay, Spectator and replay modes would be a game changer for the communities in so many different ways. From live events to providing more people more tools to study how their car reacts in specific environments, this could really revolutionize the game as a whole. More events would have higher production quality through a basic spectator mode, and it’s already a feature in FM7. GT7 has shown the power of a great spectator mode, and everyone I show that feature to from the Forza community immediately says “wow I wish we had this in Forza Horizon.” Anyone hosting races, events, trials, or anything else that involves watching the cars do what they do would benefit heavily from a spectator mode. (you also have the camera as props already, so it kind of looks like this was the idea at a point?)

This is a game that is supposed to let me experience the joys of cars any way I want, so I hope the competitive-oriented players aren’t shunned anymore because that’s how we want to play the game. These QoL changes from Hex are very much so on point, and most of them are existing functions in Motorsport already.


Agree with everything that has been written here and as someone who also does occasional casting I would also love to see the data out features used more and the ability to have data out feeds more accessable to those who are playing via console. This would include the ability to get split times without the use of external programs and the implementation of a system similar to forza motorsport 7s split times compared to your personal best with the ability to set sectors for custom made tracks.


100% agree with it. Another thing that is really important is being able to choose ghost mode in custom adventure, which is also a feature that we had in Forza Horizon 4 and its not present in Forza Horizon 5. The community used to be closer to each other since everybody would play together everyday, but now due to desync problems and rammers at most of the lobbies, the majority of the player just gave up playing online.


Couldn’t agree more with these


Agree with all of this and can really see much if any counter argument to any of it?

Fox example if ranked returns but isn’t compulsory then that must be positive? Personally I played unranked still sometimes in FH4 because it was more chill and greater car variety but enjoyed ranked for the competition.

I’d add to the rivals personally I’d like to change car without quitting from the whole thing and back in - sometimes you want to run a few options before honing in on one. It’s especially a pain at the moment when occasionally it will bypass the car select and load you in a random car which isn’t even the right class!


I’d really like to see more freeform drifting. As it stands there is really no drifting hotspot where enthusiasts gather besides the volcano. So you have to drive out there and HOPE people in your particular lobby decide to follow suit.

I’d like to see lobbies dedicated to meetups. I miss the days of fh3s parking lot and 4s railyard where we could just bang the limiter for hours without load screens or scoreboards or round limits.

Open drifting is ok, but it’s crazy competitive and lots of people play for the meta and ignore style entirely. Kinda goes against the spirit of the art if you ask me but hey I didn’t invent it.

Lobby drifting needs some HELP.


Thanks to Hexor for compiling this list. These are pretty much the essentials a race game should provide.

I would also agree with cB_in_game regarding stability of the game. In game benchmark system indicates that the pc should be fine to run the game in extreme graphics. However, In reality you can either run a few horizon custom open sessions until it gets stuttering or even worse; crashing while loading a race or new playlist. For a game at this caliber, this is not acceptable.


agreed, even though i’m not a drifter, i just have to recognize that the drifting community didn’t get much love either.


absolutely correct, another thing to add would also be a way to sort cars into folders in your garage or put them in smaller groups of cars to choose from so that we can quickly find the car we want to use in an event before the timer runs out


In regards to drifting i wish they would add filters for drivetrain and classes. as i have a ton of playtime the classes i would recommend is S1/S2 AWD and A/S1 RWD.

a cool addition for eventlab would be the point counter from Open Drifting so that the community doesnt have to rely on the standard circuit tracks that are already in the game… new tracks would be cool too…

and lastly the fact that you STILL cannot beat your Driftzones scores from pre series 2 is pretty sad in my opinion as it made a lot of drifter quit the game sadly :confused:


Hexor, Mars and Cast absolutely smashed the list of what is needed in FH5! Everything that was stated we need and I couldn’t agree more with them


On point, everything is needed. Also add the Aston Martin DBS back and add the Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta.


another very important thing that most people would like to see is the return of 5 races in custom racing and open racing lobbies, the removal of 2 races was not a good thing and made a lot of people lose interest in it since there now are only 3 races and making one mistake in one race or being rammed out of a checkpoint makes it very hard to win the championship even if you win the other two races


As most have already said, thanks to Hexor for contributing his ideas to the forum post.

Personally, I think the introduction of Club Ranked, along with normal ranked (if it gets introduced) would be a great addition to the game. The idea of this is that it will be based on overall Club Performance in ranked, rather than individual performances. You could introduce the idea of a select few club members per lobby being allowed to be paired up with eachother and being assigned a specific colour to their team (either in a 6 team, 4 team, 3 team or 2 team format). The same idea could even be used for The Eliminator, meaning it includes another layer to the already Battle Royale based gamemode, aswell as already existing party modes like infected. This will encourage competitiveness between the various different clubs in Forza and hopefully introduce another replayability factor tho the game.