Feature Unavailable (Banned From Multiplayer) Xbox 360

Not sure if this is the correct place to be posting this but I wanted to ask why I was banned from Multiplayer (I had a temp suspension about 2-3 months ago & I was also notified that I had be temp banned for Breaking some kind of terms of use) but this time I didn’t get any reason why I got fully banned.

I haven’t been playing xbox recently been off for 2-3 weeks and the last thing I remember playing on fh1 was a free mode doing drag races with random ppl.
I dont use/own any modded cars nor do I hack. One thing I did notice since I started replaying the game is that my whole entire design storefront was removed and all the CR that I made from my designs/decals was gone (I had a lot of CR saved up that I never collected)

Anyways any help would be appreciated. Drifting and dragging in single player isn’t exactly fun.

Trying to sell those “glow” cars will do it every time. It is a violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. Use of any method to obtain abnormal, in-game colors or appearances is not legal. You received a ban in April, 2015, and came back with the same items again August 25, 2015. First ban is seven days (148 hours from the time the developers place the ban), second ban is 30 days (720 hours from ban placement). A third ban is permanent (20 years).

There is no discussion of bans nor the enforcement of the Code of Conduct by the developers on this forum. You may send an email to forzafb@microsoft.com if you wish.