Feature temporary disabled??

Anyone else getting this message from the storefront when finding designs? I’ve been trying to find a retro style design for my classic gtr and the message popped up. Any help will be valuable to me.

The same thing is happening to me i dont know whats going on

I think the FH3 servers are down…


I am getting the same thing. You didn’t expect forza horizon 3 to launch with out temporary set backs did you? Hopeful it will be resolved soon then you can steal someone else’s design…LOL J/K.
But on a real note, I was trying to upload my design and it told me that the server was temp down as well…

On another note…It may be that we crashed to server due to too many uploads at once???

I got that message yesterday when they were updating the servers. It was only like that for about 20m.

Are you new to Forza???

EDIT…NVM your stats didn’t come up

It’s back up guys…


nope still down

Been down for me for the last 4 days.