Favourite divisions to race in.

With 64 divisions (i think) to choose from, what divisions do all you fine players out there prefer? Are you more at home in a motorized shopping trolley or a 600+hp road rocket. Me personally, I feel that I cannot react quickly enough to fully exploit the awesomeness of say…anything made by Pagani. I am quite comfortable in anything S class or below, the lower the class, the better. To quote James May,“you can drive it closer to the limit more of the time”. If only there was a Fiat Panda in the game LOL!

At the moment I’m doing some test’n’tune in the Early Sport Touring division with some quite satisfying results.

… I enjoy GT class, early prototype etc. Our club races only designated factory race cars from several divisions. And my fav classes are S thru X.

With so many options in FM7, I’ve never actually got that high in the PI scale race wise. With so much on offer. it’s almost a full time job just keeping up

Anything with cars built before the year 2010.

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Sport Touring is a lot of fun. Heavy cars, loadsa power and crap tyres makes for much excitement!

I have a few favorites. Right off the bat GT racing reborn, Forza group rally although it could use one or two more additions, Forza GT with the right selection of AI cars, sport GT, exotic GT, Forza touring even though it needs a few more touring cars added with the loss of Toyota, prototype group racing for some custom can spec set ups and modern offroaders is actually a fun one too.

I really like Rise of the Supercars.

Hard to choose. It’s fun to jump into any division and get behind the wheel. If I had to choose I’d go with Early Sport Touring, Sport Touring, Early Sport Luxury, and Sport Luxury. Hmm I do like hot hatches though… and the older ones. Ah maybe I’ll stop there before I list all 64 divisions!

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I like Formula 70s and the vintage divisions.

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