Favorite Muscle Car for the Blizz?


I’m always gonna lean towards the Muscle/Classic car side of racing. I was messing with OR Tires for some of them on the main game. Came across my 67 Chevelle, tuned to S1 and equipped with Snow Tires on the Blizz…LOVED IT.

So much that I messed around with a few more. My favorite thus far is the AMC Javelin, S1 also. This is every bit as competitive for me as the new rally truck. Tune is named Snow, Creator MookStunna, if you have time to check it out, please let me know what you think!

Any of you been playing around with this style of car on the Blizz? What are you liking?


1979 Camaro Z28 (S1/890) with stock engine, AWD, twin turbos, the 2nd street hood, snow tires on Fifteen52 Forza Edition wheels, and everything upgraded to race spec.

It was a beast in FH2 off-roading, and it works wonders in FH3.

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In FH2 I accidentally discovered the Hemi Cuda in Rally form. It made offroad and Storm Mountain a breeze.

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A puppy dies every time you people convert a muscle car to AWD or put some dumb motor in it.


That’s awesome!!

Someone, please save the puppies and burn the people who are killing them!


Hoonicorn > Puppies

And this is coming from someone whose profile pic on Facebook has been a Shiba for the past two years.

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Two kittens die every time someone puts a dumb elitist comment in an internet forum about a game that isn’t actually a real thing.


1958 Plymouth Fury. It’s a beast in snow.


That took a harsh turn, eh? Anyway, I love my Fury in A class. My S1 Bel Air and S1 Charger are also awesome. Tons of fun for me.

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Indeed. Agreed on the Fury. The Camaro HE is pretty fun. The 302. Not really a Ford guy but this game has some pretty decent ones for their eras.

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Snow so much fun and muscle cars rule. Thanks Turn 10 and Playground games.
Forza horizon in Alaska could be, dare I say, epic? I hate that over used word but epic fits.

I like my 1970 Camaro in A class. It’s still got its original engine and remains RWD (so it’s puppy-safe) but wide snow tyres give it plenty of grip.

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