FastFuriousCruisers Car Meet Organisation

Welcome to FastFuriousCruisers!

We are a community for strictly (Realistic, Chill Driving Experience) Our Meets consist of Realistic Cruising, Stopping at various locations, Drag racing, Highway pulls, and ofcourse always time for a photo shoot!

Mature, and experienced adults are preferred, and of course microphones are a plus! If you don’t have a Mic, just make sure you can hear us to know what’s going on.

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I’ll join

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Hey i use to be one the host on fm5 i think i can be a great asset to your organisation and ill deffinatly help keep things in order my gamer tag is Blu3hues
Thank You

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Feel free to message me on live bro ChrissyBoi87

There will be a Meet on tonight guys! I will post details later

Street Meet
Tonight 13/10/2016 @ 22:00 (GMT-UK)
The Meet will include Cruising, Park Ups, and Drag Racing!
Please No Super Cars!
Mic’s Preferred
Try not to bump Cars!
Inbox: ChrissyBoi87 for invite

Now in bro, looking forward to this :Day

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What time is that usa est ?

It was last night bro, follow the thread though as i’ll be using this topic to advertise Meets.

Is FailPlay in the forum Chris? if so I want to see if he got any pics from yesterday:)

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Not sure bro however he knows the link… he has footage from the small meet last night so may post a video soon :slight_smile:

@chrissyboi87 … you totally have to post the time for major time zone so everyone can be on,the same page i spent a hour trying to convert your time zone…,you,put it in,24hr clock which made it even harder. …
Try posting usa and uk,times next time brother …i had like 10 ppl on,here inbox me asking what time was the meet for usa

Really? My bad man sorry! I will next time bro

Didn’t realize u had a thread on here too Chris. I’m in for the next meet

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I only set it up a couple of days ago bro :slight_smile:

A little get together a few nights ago… Video by FailPlayX

Great video by Fail Play, lookingredients forward to the next meet!:slight_smile:

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Next Meet will be within the next couple of days! Keep checking in to see the Meet Details post :slight_smile:

Hoping to Host a Meet tonight! I will confirm this later on today