Fast question for Thrustmaster users.

I just broke down and got the Thrustmaster wheel. While the wheel itself doesn’t seem bad, I must say the pedals are a disappointment, especially given the price. Enough, on to the question. I was adjusting the wheel’s settings in (oddly enough) the settings section of Forza. The wheel rotation is defaulted to 900 degrees, which is actually my preference, however I was unable to change the setting. I thought I had seen here, somewhere, where there is a button on the controller to change the rotation. If there is I can’t seem to find it. Can someone tell me what the trick is to change the settings?

You can change the DOR in the advanced settigs,how ever it resets to 900 every time you turn it off,also you can push the mode button untill it flashs on the red button beside it,i forgot how many flashs mean what though since i have been changing mine in the advanced settings.

No the advanced settings are where I was making adjustments. 900 degrees is locked in and immovable.

Oh, and by the way. When are they going to fix the Tier level stuff in here. It’s actually getting annoying.

Have you applied the required update for the wheel?

Press left on the D-Pad (Engine Start button) and the Mode button. You don’t need to hold them down. Just one press of each at the same time.

1 Flash = 270
2 Flashes = 360
3 Flashes = 540
4 Flashes = 900

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Thanks, that’s what I was looking for. Why the devil don’t they publish this somewhere?

The wheel didn’t need updating, it came with the latest firmware.

This is the first that I’ve heard of this. Thrustmaster’s support site still notes that you must update the firmware.

Do you have the Thrustmaster drivers and software installed on a PC?

If you do, plug your wheel into the PC and open the wheel in the control panel. What version of the firmware does it say you’re running?

You shoud be able to change your DOR in the advanced settings,some thing is wrong some where.

My replacement wheel also came with the latest firmware