Fast & Furious Events (Bear with me)

Hey guys,

I think this is the first time I ever post a new thread in here. Anyway, I really love the series, altho I’m more of a casual player, and from time to time I come here to these forums and learn something new.

My question is probably very stupid, so bear with me: I bought the Fast & Furios car pack but couldn’t find any of the events; am I correct to assume the car pack and the DLC itself are different products and what I bought is, well, just the cars? If so, did I waste a few bucks with these cars or purchasing the DLC does not automatically add these cars to the base game?

Sorry for the dumb question, guys. And thank you in advance!

The car pack is a set of cars for use in Forza Horizon 2.

Forza Horizon 2 presents Fast and Furious is a separate “game” altogether.

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FH2 and Forza Horizon 2 Presents F&F are two separate stand alone games. F&F was free to download for the first week or so, but it then went on sale for about $10. If you bought the F&F DLC for FH2 then those cars will only be available in FH2. FH2 Presents F&F has its own cars and events and achievements.

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The events are just repurposed tracks and showcases from Horizon 2 anyway. You aren’t missing anything.

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If you purchased the car pack, then you received a set of 5 or 6 Fast and Furious based cars for use in the game Forza Horizon 2.

If you wanted the Forza Horizon 2 Presents the Fast & the Furious Expansion game that is a different purchase and different game. It includes a portion of the map from Forza Horizon 2 and a handful of Fast and Furious vehicles to drive around and race but it does not connect to FH2 in any way - you cannot transfer cars over in either direction.

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I am not the best driver in the world - you can see on my stats I’ve been driving since 2008, but I don’t have all of the points to get to Tier 6 yet. I’m very much a ‘casual’ driver. So I got the F&F game not expecting a whole lot, but I’ve really enjoyed it! I have all roads driven (which is simple, I know), and I got all 6 of the Bucket List items. Some of the Medium Bucket Lists in the other games are a little too difficult for me, but the skill test on the golf course in this game were not too tough.

So I agree with the previous posts that say you aren’t missing anything new. You aren’t. But if you are a casual driver and you need the points, it’s an easier way to get a ‘complete’ experience. IMHO, it is well worth the $10 price tag.

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Thank you, guys!

I think I’ll give it a go, just for the sake of variety. It’s a shame they chose not to integrate the DLC into the base game.

They couldn’t - the Fast and Furious expansion is a standalone game, so in other words, it is an entire game (all things being relative for the ones who know what I mean…).

For the rest, enjoy the Fast and Furious expansion. It is enjoyable, the missions are original, and at least, there is online gameplay. The only thing that made it a complete disaster on the commercial term, is the size of the game - it is barely longer than the Horizon 2 demo. But, I appreciate the effort, developpers don’t give little extras like that nowadays.