Farming Events

So I found myself short on cash after chasing a bunch of car-specific accolades and decided I’d give some of the farming events a shot. To my dismay, every one I tried was a smash-a-thon that seemed to rely upon an exploit that’s been patched out of the game. As a result, I decided to try my hand at making my own event that was an actual race which could be run quickly and at high difficulty for maximum rewards. I ended up with two, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

Both are easily won on unbeatable in less than 3:45 with the right car (I use the Rimac) and net me 14K XP + 79K cash (+85%, only ABS on). The “Plus” version also nets me ~9 SP after a good, clean run. More importantly, I actually find them enjoyable to play. I know there are AFK methods out there but that isn’t my cup of tea, no offense if it is yours.

Anyway, the “normal” version share code is 485 447 682 and the Plus version, which adds traffic is 496 160 189. Maybe someone else will find them enjoyable or at least useful. Oh and this may be common knowledge, but make sure to set your global difficulty to unbeatable before entering the event. You will only get the credit boost shown in the settings menu regardless of the fact that the event is locked to unbeatable (a bug I assume).

Thanks for your time and… enjoy the game!