Fanatec CSL Elite + Fanatec handbrake

From the known issues:
• Fanatec - Handbrake - ClubSport Handbrake V1.5 does not function.
• Fanatac CSL - Playing without a handbrake device will auto engage the E-brake in game and you will not be able to move.

This is a joke, isn’t it?

Means all users with Fanatec CSL Elite wheel are not able to play the game!
Think we all will get some kind of compensation.

Just as a reminder: It was working fine in the demo.

@Nitro Glitter: When can we expect a patch? And I mean in hours, not days.

btw. there is a typo. It’s Fanatec, not FanatAc!


I’m quite mad about it myself. Let’s face it even for a working man £79 for a game is a lot of money.
I’ve bought the game after playing the demo in which my CSL worked beautifully. I would never imagine that full game could be broken this way if it worked in the demo.
Not even hoping for a compensation or a quick patch, will have to wait till official release at least to get this fixed.
It’s the last time I bought ultimate edition of any Forza game simply because I feel cheated. Could have saved myself some money as the main reason for the ultimate edition purchase was the early access and it turns out it’s wasted money I won’t be able to enjoy the game till the official release date anyway.
I know my whining does not help anything or anybody but at the same time I think developers should be made aware that it’s a game breaking bug for some of us and that some of us feel cheated out of our wallets.


Another part that is frustrating to me is where I saw this would be fixed in the “day one content patch” , but no mention of when that patch will be.

I can assume yesterday was not day one, is today day one? is the 2nd of October day 1? I January 1st day one? who knows…

I’m assuming official release date. Basically we’ve paid extra for nothing really. But being a tiny minority probably all we can do is sit and wait. If it was PC only game we would probably have a hotfix by now. Console games as far I know need some additional carryon when releasing a patch :confused: