Fairly Experienced Racer looking for Club

Lil bit about me,

-I started 12 seasons ago by my count, I MIGHT have missed one or two without knowing due to simply not knowing what they were
-I am 5 cars away from 100% finishing the current FH4 Garage (only need the Merc 280 SL and 4 PO cars as of this time)
-I am decently quick with almost every stunt in top 1% and a standard Goliath time just below 7 minutes as a personal record
-I’m not sure how much of a measuring stick it is, but I generally lead my Trial festival races by a fair to wide margin, scoring 1st in 12 of the last 13 for overall points, 29 of the last 36 races in 1st, and not missing the podium for the 7 races I was beat in
-I’m decent at Playground Games with a Season required race win % of just under 70% in the last 12 seasons
-I’ve 3 starred every stunt in the game, and 100% completed everything else, with special attention paid to getting top 1% in most of my stunts, as often as I can
-I take winning at anything fairly seriously, but consider FH4 to be my peace and playground, so am more than willing to be laid back and more fun about it

I don’t know if it’s obvious, but I haven’t got a whole ton of online experience. I do feel like I’m fairly quick, because I generally kick the shit out of even Undefeatable opponents with a decent car and tune, without much problem.

I play this game more than anything to laugh and enjoy and have few friends on XBL or otherwise (I play PC but have a mic and the full Xbox apps), and am looking to change that. I want people I can run convoys with, joke with, chat with as I race, run co op, even carry through races because I enjoy helping new players. The total skill level of the group is irrelevant to me, I’ve been a top raider in the last 2 MMOs I’ve played and led two guild’s and one pick up group’s worth of raids, and trained and helped new people more times than I can count. I am looking for a group I can play with and enjoy social time in this awesome racing game. Bonus points to any group with racers good enough to teach me something and help me grow.

Will take all friend requests regardless of whether or not I join your club, especially if you want to be an actual Forza Friend. Would appreciate any detailed descriptions of any group I’m invited to and possibly even a bit of test time playing with a group beforehand.

PS1: I know none of this likely matters much in matching up to online competition, and don’t think I’m hot shit. Just figure it’s a good base to jump from

PS; also recently got ahold of OBS and am working my way into being an amateur content creator

Your more then welcome to join Hotrod King87 club he’s on Xbox just message him they paint and race