FADE-C-Class 250 Ferrari California-Top TENS (Open Sourced)

Build this up to be my “go to” car for Bathurst.
I suck at Bathurst so wanted something fast yet stable to keep me off the walls…

I ran it into the top 100’s and then noticed Pooty McCoy took it into the top 20’s.
TN Eagle just pipped his time last night with a 2:24.484 #11 in the world and #4 in the Americas.

Pooty seems to have been busy and run it at the following locations.
Seems it is not a “one trick pony”

Nurb. #9 9:55.960
Nordschleife #7 7:52.950
Nurb GP #20 2:18.187

Ok onto the BUILD

Aero=Front Ferrari Rear Forza
Width Front=Stock Rear 245
Rimsize= 18" front and rear
Platform and Handling = All race except no cage


Tire Pressure 29.5/ 29.5
Trans. 4.7/2.91/2.00/1.52/1.25/1.06/.94
Camber -1.0/0.0
Castor 6.0
ARB 15/10
Springs 360/315.3
Height 5.7/5.7
Damps 9.2/8.5
Bump 2.4/1.7
Aero Rear only 75
Brakes 48/120
Diff 24/12

Tune is also available on my Sharefront

Cheers and hope you enjoy


Nice one Fade! After spending the required 1.4 mil. and pounding around Bathurst for 10 laps I managed to nip your time.

Thanks Foot! Glad it was worth the credits to thump me… LOL

@Eagle–Thanks again!

Absolutely loved driving this tune Fade, well done Sir!!

Well done mr . Fade, i suck at bathurst but i really enjoyed this car there.

Will take it again for a spin around nurb gp later tonight.

Took it from your sharefront to help buy another expansive car😉

Great job on this Cali Fade. You gave me the opportunity/incentive to go buy this car. It was really fun running it at Bathurst. The car will go wherever you want to go, I love how it turns. I am not a speedster when it comes to driving skills, yet, I did OK with it…PB! I will certainly be running this car a lot more.

Thanks for sharing!


Rosny thanks for giving this a try and dropping in.
Also thanks for getting from share front , lol

The credits are going into my 250 GT !


PR , big thanks for running the Cali !
I’m like you , not very fast … Lol

And I totally suck at Bathurst so when I hear the tune is working for others that share my challenges … Lol
Makes me happy !

Cheers !

…lol…I know what you mean…I really enjoy Bathurst, yet, I am BAD at it! I think those walls come in closer every time I race…lol… So, at these lower classes it could be manageable at times, yet, the walls still haunt me!


Nice car you have made, Mr. Fade!

Obviously it handles pretty well, I managed to push it to the world top 100 (#92) after few laps of getting used to it. And I ain’t any master of Bathurst either :smiley:

Thanks for sharing this one.

Hello Mr fade ,

Spa 2.48.231 #185 World
Silverstone GP 2.26.766 TOP 100
Road America 2.32.176 #92

bummer, building from the OP ends up being at B502

wondering if I have the wrong engine? intake option only have “race”, no “sport” option.

I’ll go check the leaderboard and see if I can download from there.

…if rear tires should be 235, it goes to C500. are rear tires 235 or 245?

2:27 on Bathhurst…with the 235 rear tire setup. Fun little car. Smooth and predictable. Should do well given that, in multiplayer. Thanks for posting.

Ros3n thank you for the feedback.

Alfredo’s , those are some nice laps , thanks for giving it a run.

Chicken , I’m glad you got the build sorted out and where able to give it a good run, much appreciated !

You are welcome Mr Fade , I will run some more speed tracks and other tracks asap .

Greets Alf

I ran this car. I had a good time for bathurst, and then the leaderboards went down and it didnt post. Super Annoyed.

I’ll run it again later when they come back up.

Nice tune man.

Its top 5 (#5 to be exact) on bathurst now. 1.23.106.

Wow Dust ! Nice time dude!
Thank you !

I feel your pain about the leaderboard going down ! It’s happened to me before and is so aggravating !

Thanks for taking time to re run !

Always liked your tunes mr Fade, will pick it up during the weekend. Need to practice that track along with many others.

Why thanks Count !
Hope you enjoy as well