F1 League / GT Endurance League

If your into F1 racing look no further, we have a championship running over at our site. Or if your into Endurance racing, we also have GT Endurance championship starting soon.

We have other types of leagues and cups running to suit everyone’s needs. If interested call over too.


Can i join

Sure bud, call over to our site and sign up

Do you have any USA based members or are you pretty much all UK?

We have a few members from US taking part in our leagues m8

We have members from across the globe, UK, USA, Spain, Malta, France and many more.

As long as your a clean fair racer, all are welcome. As Mike said, we offer a number of different leagues so there will be something that interests all.

We have a good community of racers and an active forum for lots of racing chat and banter.

Call over to www.forzamotorsport.org.uk