F1 cars in drifting lobbys

you have completly ruind a drifting online why would you allow f1 cars into drifting lobbys some ppl just want to drift online with others , without joining a stupid leage or without been rammed and having every game ruind by been rammed by an f1 car every 2 seconds ive been playing forza since the first game and im sad to say think ill be trading this back in and going back to forza 5 what a let down

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Isnt there private lobbies
Pretty sure I’ve seen vote to kick as well
Even report them to xbox live if they are just spoiling it for you…for deliberate crashing

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Vote to Kick doesnt actually work though…

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If it is a private lobby, the leader can restrict F1 cars. If you never see this, Forza 6 was a huge improvement over Forza 5. It’s your loss


would be nice if some people can participate online… (like me)

Some cars have no lobby to race in because of new restrictions. The 1970s indy cars are R class but they’re not allowed in the R class lobby?! Maybe thats why they all go to drift now.