Eye on the spy forzathon

I am another that has NEVER had 1 issue with getting ANY forzathon challenges or ANY game achievements…except the subaru of course
Also if i have ANY issues a proper hard reset has cleared it

I also have done many of the Forzathon challenges and never had a problem. Many times recieved more than on achievement during the races as well ( during my championship races I also got the wreckage achievement unintentionally😃)

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I’ve had a 100% success rate when it comes to Forzathon challenges and have received 100% of the rewards.

My setup:

Internet connected at all times, even when the Xbox is turned off
Internet Nat Type: Open
Xbox Privacy settings all open (Got nothing to hide!)
Xbox notifications: On
FH3 In-game notifications: On
Xbox bought from new and not tampered with (No console bans)
FH3 bought new from reputable source (No cheapo/free/fake)
Xbox profile not tampered with even when you could do it on the 360

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Same thing happened to me. I did not receive Porsche. It was hard to find a championship to even race the DB5 in, should have been easier to find a championship to race it in.

Do you know how to play this game? Make your own.


How come Turn 10 always gets blamed for things?

Playground Games are the actual devs…

I am sorry some of you had issues.

This was easy and actually fun. The DB5 makes a really nice B Class Car.

Perhaps I should not have chosen an Endurance Championship. To be honest, aside from the Street Races, that was the most fun I have had in Single Player.

I did a quick three race championship in the DB5, got the Porsche on my first try. I put some upgrades on my DB5 before the championship and some people are saying the achievement only appeared after downloading a tune so maybe a stock DB5 is the problem?