Eye on the spy forzathon

Did you win

Pretty sure you don’t have to win, just complete the championship

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You haven’t got the achievement so you won’t get the car.

Same problem for me. Not the first time either with this…

Same here, i won the championship in the db5 and nothing

Reminder tips to ensure Achievements and gifts are unlocked:

  1. Go to your Settings menu for HUD and make sure Notifications are turned On. If you have 550 cars in your garage, auction/remove one or two.
  2. If you are playing on PC: make sure you have not disabled Connected User Experiences and Telemetry setting; turn off antivirus programs (see Known Issues thread in the Support forum).
  3. Reboot before starting the challenges - hold the power button on your console until it shuts off. Also reboot any Win10 computers connected to the same router. PC players, log out of your Xbox app and reboot - are you on the Creators Update version of Windows?
  4. Use the dashboard Achievement tracker to see if you are progressing through # requirements, or use a Bucket List with skills requirement.
  5. Reboot again if you see an Achievement but no gift. Look in your Garage, not Autoshow, and try different Sort options.
  6. Complete any prompts from ANNA - Lineup, open Championships, Showcase, Site expansion. Have you progressed through Festival upgrades to the point all menu items are unlocked?
  7. Make sure you are reading the requirements correctly, and ask the community for tips on proper execution. (Try the simplest interpretation of what the game developers might have intended - If a Blueprint Championship doesn’t work in online, try a preset Championship)

If you are asking for help or explanation for why you’re not receiving Achievements/awards, include the following in your post:
-The date/time you attempted the challenge
-Which platform you’re playing on
-Confirmation that you have tried all of the above troubleshooting
-If the Forzathon menu shows the challenge as complete or not
-% of completion for the challenge as shown in the console dashboard Achievements section
-If you’ve had trouble with Forzathon before or if this is a new issue.

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I was able to get the other events, but not this one. I won 2 championships but no result

Just covering the bases and not implying anyone doesn’t know but just in case

Championship which was minimum of three races (using the championship not exhibition ) blue printed for the Aston Martin DB5 (rare car category)

And completed the the minimum three race championship.
You don’t have to win. Least I don’t think you do I did so not positive. But pretty sure Talby said he was 10th and only did the last race of 3 race championship that he started (did race 1 and 2)before forzathon.

You guys PC players?

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One offline championship with blueprint, 2 online championships, and still no achiv… Turn 10 please do your job!

GOT IT! I switch to PC, done the blueprint from Don Joewon Song, “…conveniently blueprinted and shared a short 3-race 1-lap Aston Martin Championship starting at Rolling Meadows Circuit, which is the first route point east from the Yarra Valley festival site, bang in the middle of the map.” Good Luck

Wait so what was different? That made it pop

Im on Xbox. The achievement didnt pop for me when i won the championship. I fast traveled to a festival and changed the tune in the DB5 to Don joen songs one and as soon as i bought the upgrades the achievement popped for me, new porche in the garage.

Didnt one of the other achievements not work if you had a particular part on the car?


For the record then I used HLR Moss B CLASS tune /build and it popped right away for me no issues.

What class/tune build were you using that it didn’t pop initially in ?

I used S1 857 Tune with Rally Tires and Suspension Custom Blue Print AM DB5 Only 1 Lap at Coober Peddy Scramble , Cross Track Scramble and Redstone Mine Scramble popped straight away and picked up the wreckage skills one driving between events…

Nothing changed, it has been mentioned before that if it doesn’t IMMEDIATELY pop you can try and wait, or do something else that sends/receives the Stat Data to the server.

Look at ManteoMax’s list of troubleshooting tips.

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Just checking, are you guys quitting out of the game fully when you are done playing? I have not had trouble with any Forzathon ever except the Subaru like everyone else. It just does not make sense all these problems. For those having trouble what is your procedure when you finish playing? I always fully quit the game from the home screen when I finish playing. I just want to get to the bottom of this, there must be a reason. Thanks



I’ve had the same experience as you.

Everyone is going to be different; they leave the console running all the time, they don’t Full Shutdown, service interruption, notifications off, third-party program (PC) etc, but the common thread is always going to be something on the client’s side.

Some might say, “Well, it should always just work, don’t they test these things?!”

The answer is, “Yes, they test them and they work, they just don’t test for your very specific gaming ritual or situation.”

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I am another that has NEVER had 1 issue with getting ANY forzathon challenges or ANY game achievements…except the subaru of course
Also if i have ANY issues a proper hard reset has cleared it

I also have done many of the Forzathon challenges and never had a problem. Many times recieved more than on achievement during the races as well ( during my championship races I also got the wreckage achievement unintentionally😃)

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I’ve had a 100% success rate when it comes to Forzathon challenges and have received 100% of the rewards.

My setup:

Internet connected at all times, even when the Xbox is turned off
Internet Nat Type: Open
Xbox Privacy settings all open (Got nothing to hide!)
Xbox notifications: On
FH3 In-game notifications: On
Xbox bought from new and not tampered with (No console bans)
FH3 bought new from reputable source (No cheapo/free/fake)
Xbox profile not tampered with even when you could do it on the 360

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Same thing happened to me. I did not receive Porsche. It was hard to find a championship to even race the DB5 in, should have been easier to find a championship to race it in.