Exposed Supercharger Aesthetically Inaccurate

Didn’t see any other threads addressing this, but it’s a detail that really bothers me…

On my 68 Dodge Dart Hemi, I have the exposed supercharger hood. When driving, the butterfly valves on the supercharger do not actuate with throttle position (like they should). They open/close with the same timing as shifting which is not correct.

Not sure if there are other cars affected but I would imagine this behavior holds true for any exposed supercharger setup.

Not to mention what happens when you drive a supercharged car on the rev limit, it would not stay on the limit very long opening and closing the way it does in game hehe :wink:

The fact you can have an exposed supercharger on a car that has no supercharger bothers me more lol

Ya this one kinda gets to me too. It’s one of those things that I know I should ignore because it’s just a game but man does it annoy me

Pretty sure it’s possible to have a mock up blower purely for looks, similar to what the stunt cars in films use if they’re supposed to have a supercharger/blower combo.

I’ve never analyzed this too much for all these reasons. I use this hoo because it provides weight saving measures and the other two hoods are two of the most ugly objects ever programmed into a Forza game. Just my two cents.

If I looked too closely this might bother me and then I’d be tempted not to use it - like the ugly rear wing on hatchbacks…

I don’t use it 'cause it messes with the areo :wink: