Glitches and bugs are an inevitable result of such a large codebase that does so many things. The more moving parts a game has, the more points of possible failure. Leveraging a glitch or bug to gain unfair advantage over others, or even just the game itself, is an exploit.

Yes, the developers are aware of any current exploits. Those who have engaged in exploits will be dealt with as necessary.

We can not, do not, and will not have discussion of exploits on these forums. Full stop.

Don’t add to your troubles by putting your posting privileges at risk posting about any exploits.


Q: What exploit are we talking about here? What prompted this thread?
A: Come, let’s not be coy, we all know what exploit this thread is about. If you sincerely don’t know, then good, the fewer people that know the better.

Q: You mean the one where…?
A: Stop right there. There is no need to name it, describe it, hint at it, imply it or otherwise give voice to thought. And we won’t allow it anyway.

Q: We can’t discuss it?
A: No, not on these forums. It’s an inappropriate topic for discussion as it can only lead to tears and likely some forum holidays. We simply do not allow discussions on these sorts of things here.

Q: Will it be fixed/patched?
A: Absolutely, and as soon as possible. Unfortunately, nothing in the realm of fixes/patches in the world of Forza happens overnight or even quickly but a fix is on the way.

Q: I have a friend that took advantage of this exploit, what’s going to happen to me my friend?
A: Ah ha, now we get down to the main reason this thread has so many views already. The short and long answer is that it remains to be seen.

Q: I was tricked/bamboozled/hoodwinked/pressganged/forced at controller point, while completely unaware of what was going on, to take advantage of this exploit, when I innocently volunteered/agreed to join an online race that would take a minimum of 7 - 8 hours to complete, what will happen to me?
A: See above. Also, know that the incidence of dogs actually eating homework is incredibly rare.

Q: Okay, if we can’t discuss exploits on the forums, how do we report them?
A: Excellent question! The best way to report an exploit (or bug or glitch or other such issues) is via our new support system:

Submit a ticket!

Or you could post in our Technical Support & Help subforum, provided you leave out of your public post any information that might lead others to figure out the issue and go try to exploit it themselves, or rather their friends go and try to exploit. Try searching first to see if it has already been posted before starting a redundant new post.,

Q: Who can I write to in order to explain what it is that happened with my homework?
A: Please, no more messages to my inbox. I’ve had more than my share today and I’m not the one that’s ultimately going to make any decisions here. You should be relieved about that last point.


I’m going to temporarily lock the thread in order to remove any responses gathered up to this point but wanted to address one more thing.

Q: If we aren’t supposed to discuss these things on the forums, why leave this thread unlocked in the first place?
A: It’s a super-secret moderation trick that worked precisely as intended. No, I won’t tell you what it is/was. Actually, two super-secret moderation tricks, neither of which will be divulged.


Patch is coming later today:

Content Update - October 11