Exploit: XP Farming by Wallgrinding and Drifttaps

Forget your Goliath farming. This exploit (unfortunately) brings it to the next level.

There's also a thread discussing it on reddit.

Let’s hope this get fixed.

Why is this a problem?

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my guess is with the Goliath reference he is mad that hasn’t been “fixed” and now he’s looking for other “fixes”…

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If people want to spend their time earning xp like this I don’t know why it’s an issue… Same as going to a field and doing skill chains for a half hour. Honestly, I haven’t done anything like this and have 11 million credits and am a level 203… No need to farm anything.


They put drift skills cars and perks to go along with them in Game for a reason. ITS PART OF THE GAME! You wanna spend one hour drifting 50 laps and get 1.8million XP then so be it. That’s what I do. That’s why they put blueprints in the game for you to create your own races. If your too stupid to realise this then I think your on the wrong game. I can earn 1.6/2.0million XP in one hour and I’m sitting on 26 million credits and I’m level 512. Doesn’t take long to level up if you play smart.


This guy gets it! I do the same thing myself, except that I usually do 10 laps on Goliath, and I’m at level 590.

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Common guys… 500K XP = 25 levels = 25 wheel spins in 10 minutes, normal ? Hello, economy.
And what about it messing multiplayer, which remember, is XP based ?
And the Auction House ? It doesn’t have any point if players can get filthy rich in minutes.
You can bet this is not really amusing T10 and that it will be patched. Just like the 10M HE cars.

I can do 500k XP in 3-3.5 minutes.

On a skill song just drive in circles with a 1000hp car and tap ebrake a few times on that part of the map where there’s a huge farm growing some sort of destructible tree.

So yea 10 minutes to do 500k is easy and doesn’t sound absurd in single player.

The multiplayer is garbage anyways. The current XP championship is flawed with or without the fix you proposed.

Everyone will be stupid rich before long as long as they play. The economy will be fine.


Skill points or experience points? They’re different

Idk they’re all the same to me. All I remember is a bunch of prize spins when done.

Then the game mechanics based on xp/credits and everything that goes with it (buying cars) is utterly flawed and broken in its current state.
Or T10 just thinks that most players will advance “normally” and that it’s not worth fixing.

I don’t see the problem with Goliath. A lot of the tracks do not offer much in the way of XP. If you want to spend an hour driving a course, so be it.

The drifting seems a bit more of an exploit to me, but I don’t drift. never have. I’m a racer IRL (Dragstrips, HPDE) type stuff, Traction is what we’re about. If you’re losing traction, you’re going too slow.

Forza 6 has the endurance races. Same thing. Invest the time and you get paid.

You realize OP, that you just showed a ton of people who might not otherwise have known about this, a new way to get a lot of XP right? I know there are many like myself who avoid reddit like the plague. But hey, thanks for this tip.

If Turn10 sees it as a true exploit, then yes they will fix it, otherwise, let others earn their XP how they wish to. Personally I find Goliath a better way to do this, as you get a lot of credits for your time as well as XP, but that’s just me :slight_smile:


Well I tried this out earlier and let’s just say I got a lot of money for 30 minutes of work. Total was 1.5 million xp and out of the many wheelspins I got 3 horizon edition cars and at least another 20 random ones and about 3 million cash. I’d say it is quite a profitable method of making money in very little time.

If people want to farm then let them do it…The game is out for a little over a week and people are already done with everything and will soon lose interest. I really don’t see a point in all the methods. But if they want to do it…it’s everybody’s own way to play.

Driving and scraping into a wall isn’t my idea of fun. It’s quite sad really how desperate people are to level up…

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HA ! in his video he has 839million credits lol

I just tried this, it is seriously broken… you can get 500k skill points in about 100 yards of doing this, turn around and do it again. You don’t need to do the race like he does or even use the perks. Just running along the wall for 10 seconds or so gets you the max. Completely broken mechanic. :frowning:

ETA: I now have 8 wheelspins… leveling up more than once a minute

Thanks for the tip bobbie I’ll be trying this in a few hours.