Exploit AI´s Weakness in Overtaking for Easy CR Credits

741000 CR in 67 Minutes - reliably, easily (or even 800 k with other mods)

1969 Dodge Charger FE (gets 100 % CR bonus on:)
Airfield Test Track
Drivatar difficulty: unbeatable (+100%)
3 legendary mods +90% CR equals +270% CR (I don´t even use +100%, because I don´t want the extra EP)
Single Player Free Play
23 Avatars
50 Laps

  1. Gear only!

How does it work:
We want to exploit the weakness of the AI in overtaking. It tends to slow down if it reaches a slower AI car on the ideal line. To use that, we need damaged AI cars on a track without pit lane, so the damaged cars stay in the race all the time. This way the fastest AI cars will sooner or later run into the damages ones and will become abysmally slow. Then I can overtake those slow care files without effort.
The Airfield Test Track is ideal for that. One, it has no pit lane, two, the AI quite often crashes into an obstacle after the first curve, so we have lots of damaged cars. In some races over 50 laps not even a single car was intact, exept mine.
The only unfair advantage AI has over us it that it doesn´t run out of gas, while we DO. If that happens, all your invested laps are void, so be sure to save gas.
You do this by a) driving even the slowest corners in fifth gear and never shift unless absolutely necessary, by b) only push the accelerator pedal three quarters, and by c) bring the engine only up to 4000 rpm. You can get with some extra care and tricks 60 laps out of your fuel tank, but that is intense racing in a different way. 50 laps is a more forgiving aim.
To maximize the chances of AI crashing after the first corner, I recommend racing the start hard until after the first corner – you don´t want to slow the field down – and then shift into fifth gear never to be left again.
This way your race mode changes completely. You serenely let the AI cars pass whenever possible. Let them speed into their fate! I even avoid the jump at the end of the long start/finish straight by driving right close to the hangar, so the AI can pass easily but will be at higher speeds when it reaches the crashing zone. Your focus is the gas pedal, and saving fuel, so that you last the 50 laps. And when the track fills up crash by crash with damaged cars, you focus on staying out of trouble and drive circles around them.
I used to produce mayhem by pushing cars into barriers, but the chance of suffering damage to your own car by the pushback is high and I noticed it is not necessary. The AI – or should I say the Artificial Dumbness – reliably crashes, even if you have to wait 20 laps.
I use this race when I have a bonus car for 1 Mil CR, but have only 300.000 in the bank.
To reduce boredom, I try every lap to run over some mobile lane posts or some tyres that lie on the track.

there’s a far easier way of beating Unbeatable AI - “Bigger is Better” scoring; I assume this does not count as an exploit as it’s not disabled and was also there in Motorsport 6, maybe even 5

LOL. I never thought of that. More time in race = Bigger payout. Definitely easy mode on unbeatable. :rofl: