Exclusive lvl 300+ invite only club

Are you over level 300 and now you’re sooooo tired of low level new drivatar recruits? Are you tired of rivals that are too easy? Do you want a cool looking [187❎] by your gamer tag? If so then message/add me or TorturedxDemon for an invite.

Level doesn’t mean skill, i could just grab a lambo HE and do the highway bucket list for 30 min and get 1.2 mill XP per hour, in fact it only took me 2 days to reach level 309 and i’m certainly not skilled in anyway


You are absolutely right, but this club has the best Rivals of any other I’ve seen. A few other co-leaders and I are always breaking top 100 rivals times, and battling each other to get better everyday. I’ve even cracked the top 10, 3 times. I race the campaign on “unbeatable” difficulty and find that to be a misnomer, in other words, they suck!
So I know what I am talking about when I say skill. In fact I have offered to promote anyone in the club who can beat my times, only 6 have made it. Do you have what it takes?

Heh, I just happen to be looking at this thread and was beating one of the guys in my club and your name happened to showed up. Cross City Sprint S1 class, got ya beat. Unfortunately I am already the head of my Club, granted I am ahead of pretty much everyone in my club but I am not about to lose my Club, lol. Good luck with your recruiting

I started my own club just to get the icon by my name, so in saying that is it possible to advance to get the shield by my bame?