Excitement for release

So who’s excited for FH2 !!!

I’m most certainly am!

See how many posts we can get to show the extreme hype for this game!

I’m not, as I fear for my livelihood. The demo has already taken my life. Driving down a dirt road, saw a rainbow after a little drizzle yesterday…

[Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D] Everything bathed in sunlight, rainbow, slightly damp… my god T10/Playground, what have you done?? I know you said lighting was the focus, but I thought you were just havin a larf. Cresting a hill ahs never been so damn enjoyable.

Coming from FM5, I feel liberated. Hate to say it, but the wheel is even better when I can rip down whatever road/notroad I choose. Good god…

Also, why does it say I’m tier 1? That’s just embarrassing.

The level one that you have just means you don’t have a lot of history with the Forza franchise. The more you played Forza from Forza 2,3,4,5 Forza Horizon and got certain achievements and tasks completed you would rank up progressively. The higher you are the more rewards you can redeem at the beginning of each month and when new Forza games come out. The rewards range from some credits to spend in game ( level 6 gets 1.5 million each month for Forza 5 ) still get credits too for Forza 4 and I think for Forza horizon. I have not played the later 2 in awhile so not sure there. Anyways by being a level 6 I will be getting like 4 or 5 cars at the launch of Forza Horizon 2 and a probably a nice bunch of credits each month to spend as well.

I think he knows. Someone who’s ‘Coming from FM5’ shouldn’t have 0 points. :wink:

Lucky you, I have yet to see a rainbow. :stuck_out_tongue: The weather is outstanding though. I love how you can actually drive in and out of the patches of rain as they form, and they always have their own strengths and durations of downpour as well. Excellent depth.

But anyway! I’m sure you can tell I’m very very excited. Even back when the Xbox One was first released and had all the controversy I was still saying “It’ll be worth it for Horizon 2”. And now, we’re so, so close…

Excited? bro i was thiiiiis close to buy Forza 5 online just to avoid my inpatient issue for the release of Forza Horizon 2 hahah
And ive been turning my Xbox ON and OFF playing the demo and every sideway drift i do im like damnnnn how tht would look in a modified 2jz engine with full boost:D

I’m excited for FH2! I have not tried the demo, and will not do it either because it destroys a bit of the joy of playing the full game for the first time.

You know if you play the demo and complete races they will give you a free Subaru right in horizons 2 !! Download it, haha

I’m not interested in rice cookers :slight_smile:

Subaru has not turned into the honda civics and honda hatch backs yet. Its a game, A free car is a free car. Download the demo and have someone else complete just one of the three in game demo races for you… you may find that the car could come in handy when the game is released. Free is free. You dont find to much of that these days. =)