Excessive vertical bounce in Motorsport 7

I actually have felt slightly seasick during Motorsport 7 gameplay, due to excessive vertical bouncing of cars. It looks similar to driving on a pothole filled dirt road in a Range Rover. Project Cars 1 is much better in this area - very minimal vertical motion. Anyone can compare this issue by watching online gameplay videos, of Motorsport 7 or 6 (which has same excessive vertical bounce), then watch Project Car 1 gameplays. There are side by side Motorsport 6 or 7 vs Project Cars 1 gameplay vids on YT site; and one can see the far less vertical motion in Project Cars 1. It would be a great improvement in pleasantness of gameplay if Motorsport 8 cut way back on the amount of vertical car motion. Race courses have smooth paved roads, not Baja desert offroad

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Not all race tracks are smooth. Some have very noticeable bumps and undulations, the Nordschleife is a good example of this. Another example of a race track with more bumps than a chocolate lover’s face is Sebring. That track is a former runway and taxi way for airplanes. It’s comprised of concrete slabs an patchy asphalt in some connecting places. Smoothness isn’t one of it’s best descriptors.

I’ll agree that the vertical camera motion is a bit excessive. And then there are times where the camera’s lack of motion contributes to the game coming across as numb. Except for the last turn, Sebring in FM7 feels like a calm Sunday drive down 5th Avenue.

There are a ton of things I hope they fix for FM8, but, for now I am just going to wait until FM8 has gotten the thumbs up from users, before I even consider buying it.

It seems to me, the pitch and roll axes of the visual vehicle model (perhaps yaw as well?!) are detached from the pitch and roll of the physical model. It detracts from the satisfaction and consistency of my driving, and makes “visual feedback” practically useless in damper tuning.

I disagree with you on that. bumps do have to be transferred not only on the camera balance but on the steering wheel (my case). I’m curious about what the FM8 will be like, as I already like the forza’s gameplay, but a little more variables to be calculated within a simulation never hurts.