Exact process to gain Influence points for Blueprints/track creator Star Card

Hello Everyone here !

I really wonder about the process to win points for the "track creator " star card.

I am stuck @ level 4 with 17 680 remaining , and this number doesnt decrease even if people are using my tracks, even if I do and test new tracks and if I build Super7 challenges…

So is it a bug? (and i 'll submit a technical ticket)
Or I do something wrong ?

Many thanks for your answers

Just do a simple test. Make a Blueprint event. Share it and run it. You should recive 100 experience points after completing the Blueprint event. You have to run it yourself. If you don’t receive 100 experience points than you can assume is some bug similar to job earnings not registered.

already did it.

I created a blueprint, Shared it .
Then used it.

Then I created a Super 7 defi card. Shared it
Tried it by my side too .

meanwhile I received notifications for people using other tracks I created and liked it . 100 + 500 Cr

got nothing . Still missing 17 860 points for level 5

Ok. I opened a ticket. Think it started for me lastr season because I increased my The Tinkerer level by 2 recently

I just tried it and it works fine on XboneS.

I hope they will helpe you guys…

I hope you get more help than I did with “The Magnate” (such an ironic name…) but just to advise I tested and it’s working on my xbox one for my 100 points for using and if people race on it too etc.

My challenge cards for super 7 are not being listed in my creative hub numbers or appearing on the map, though. Surely someone wants to drift my purple submarine? xD c’mooon, its rudders even double as active aero like on a Zenvo. Advanced technology from the geniuses at Lotus.

I had this problem, I even raised a ticket. Then I realised that I needed to “activate” the messages telling me of the uses and likes, by pressing “A” (on Xbox) while viewing the message list., When I did that, a message like “downloading information” displayed briefly, and when I checked my blueprinter rank I’d gone up a level. This might not be your issue, but it’s worth a try.