Evo 10 turbo

Does any one know why when you equip the race turbo and even the one below there is no power gain at all and all it seems to do is make the lag bigger but with no added boost or power that adding a bigger turbo would normally give a car?

Maybe its already got a race turbo and the sport and race option shouldn’t really be there.

It’s been broken since FM4, T10 are working on it apparently or they were in 2011


I don’t remember this being broken in FM4 or 5, as the Evo 10 was pretty powerful… but yeah, it’s a bug in FM6 - the Evo 10 reports no HP increase after turbo upgrades.

It has been highlighted in the FM6 section.

Just a bit gutting really

As someones said its been pointed out before and hasnt been fixed so dont get your hopes up for a fix.