Everything temporarily disabled/unavailable?

I used a USB stick to transfer a game save from one Xbox 360 to another Xbox 360, once online I tried to send a few cars over to a friend now pretty much everything is temporarily disabled/unavailable? Who do I contact and how… Because this is ridiculous…


To me it sounds like you triggered an “anti-cheat” whatchimicallit. Copying a save (which it sounds like you did), will trigger it every time. I may be wrong, maybe someone else can help out.

Sounds right - the save is now corrupt and there is nothing that can be done to retrieve it (deleting anf starting again is the only choice if this is the case).

Cheers buddy, I think that’s what’s happened as I can’t see why else… I just need to talk to someone that actually still deals with the game… It’s annoying because I was just getting into the game again… :confused: I’ve e-mailed the Forza support team but it just gives me an auto-reply due to the amount of e-mails they’re getting.