Every pc review with stellar rating?

I was wondering how this could be possible.
9, 9.5, even 10. And none of them not even mention one single issue that tousands of pc user is having.
Did anyone found a website with a really objective impartial review around?

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It’s likely that they had their reviews written up before the release on the 23rd, and didn’t have any problems with their copy of the game.

Not everyone is having issues, some are and some are not. Like the reviews, I havn’t had many issues running the game on pc either.
No crashes, no big fps dips, I just have the settings on settings that reflect my pc. Played alot of both the xbox one and pc versions since friday, would give them both a 9+ like the reviewers are to personally.

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I noticed on the Microsoft store that there was reviews for the game weeks before the game was even released, it seems some people just want to praise a game they have only seen footage off and heard the press talking about before getting their hands on it themselves which at the end of the day is unhelpful for everyone who wants to buy the game after release because of all the positive pre-release reviews of the game.