Evercool Racing's 2019 Racing Season

…kick off on 1/5/19 with a casual test and tune session in prep for upcoming Trans Am series that begins on 1/12/19!
LittleGoose will be hosting series. This will be a spec build. Info on build can be found on our club site or by contacting any club member.
We are looking forward to new season, old friends and rivals, and meeting new friends as well…

Fun race series, LittleGoose. Rock-on & Roll on EverCool Racing Team.

ERT’s upcoming GT World Tour begins 3/2/19…
Our seasonal GT event has been very popular with our members and friends of club for several years. And the 2019 series interest thus far has been awesome!
If you are interested in signing up for the GT series, contact me or any ERT member thru xbox pm or visit our club site for race info for this series at www.evercoolracing.com
Also upcoming on 3/30/19, first meet of our WEC series kicks off at Watkins Glen! ERT Vader will be organizing and hosting this series. And we will hold one meet per month for this event…
Info can be viewed on our club site, or contact any member for details.
With our 2019 calender nearly full, and way to much to post here, I incourage those interested to check our club site calendar to get info on our upcoming events.
We are a respectable group of clean drivers who enjoy sharing track time, competition and a few laughs.
Contact me, ERT Evercool56 with any questions concerning events, club info etc. Or visit our site and register. There is no obligation to join ERT to post or enter any events. Also some info is posted weekly on our xbox club feed.

Update; We have a couple spots left to fill for our upcoming GT series starting on 3/2/19!
If you are considering entering series, you should let us know asap.
We are only running one lobby per meet this series. Homologated builds, tuning allowed within PI restrictions. Division Forza GT…

Qualifying for upcoming endurance race at Watkins Glen will be held on 3/23/19. ERT Vader will be our lobby host for qualifying meet.
Main event will run on 3/30/19 and is a multiclass event including P1, P2 and GT divisions.
ERT Vader will be our host for evening.
Contact ERT Vader for complete race info. Or visit the ERT club website and check Upcoming Events thread for Forza 7.
Lobby will open 6:45pm,-5 zone . With race starting at 7:00 pm sharp.

ERT Vader will host a second qualifying run 30 mins. prior to start of Watkins Glen endurance race on 3/30/19… That would be 6:30pm -5 time zone. This qualifying run is for drivers who DID NOT make 1st qualifying meet, or who would like to sign on to the event.
Contact ERT Vader for more info…

Looks like missed the chance of signing up (this time). Any info of future meetings as i’d like the chance of being considered. Thanks

Absolutely, I’ll send a pm on console…

Very appreciated, much thanks.

ps: just registered on ERT so will check it out shortly.

ERT will be hosting our WEC styled Sebring 12 Hour event on 4/20/19. Interested drivers can view race info on our website or contact myself or any member for details.
Our club’s 2019 World GT Championship Series in progress, and running thru October. Next meet on 5/11/19. Start time 7pm EDT.
NASCAR Series starting on 4/27/19, 7pm EDT. And running thru September. ERT 5thWheel will host this event Interested drivers can view race info on our club website, or contact 5thwheel or any ERT member for info on these or any of our upcoming events.


5/4/19, Porsche Cup Event, hosted by ERT Vader. Car, #45 GT3 Flying Lizard, homologated, tuning allowed within PI restrictions…
This will be a stand alone meet.
Interested drivers should contact ERT Vader for more details or any Evercool Racing member.

5/11/19, Forza GT Series meet #3, host ERT Evercool56…

5/18/19, Endurance race at Spa. Meet 3 of our WEC styled series which meets each month. Host ERT Vader.

5/25 NASCAR Series, meet #2. Event planner and host ERT 5thWheel.

If interested, more info can be found on our club site, www.evercoolracing.com, or contact any member listed here and we will be glad to supply details etc.

ERT’s June race dates…

6/1/19 NASCAR Series meet 2. Host ERT 5thWheel
6/8/19. GT Series meet 4. Host ERT Evercool56
6/15/19 Le Mans Host ERT Vader
6/22/19 ( to be decided)
6/29/19 NASCAR Series meet 3. Host ERT 5thWheel

Contact any meet host or visit our website for more info…

DarkStig, a long time friend of ERT, is hosting a Forza Touring series that will meet at 7:00pm EDT (-5 time zone) on Saturdays. Meet #1 on 6/22/19…
Event is open to club members, guest and friends of club.
Also our yearly GT Series, Nascar and WEC style series in progress.
Interested drivers can message me or any ERT member, or visit our website
for info on any of our current events.
No obligation to join club to race, post etc.
Check out our club event calendar while visiting. If you see a meet, event you like, click on date and you will be carried to that event announcement post within our club site…
Have questions? Send me a PM, I’ll do my best to provide any info or help needed…

Summer of 2019, make it the best!