Evercool Racing end of year membership drive underway

Hello all,
It’s that time of year again!
With the 2018 racing season fast approaching, it will soon be time to hit the tracks again. We are running ‘open house’ meets this month to give drivers an opportunity to meet and greet with our members. These meets are stand alone and are fill in meets during the iffy holiday season.
We would like to invite interested drivers to contact any of ERT members about running and dates/times.

You can contact me as well. Let me know you would like to join us, make sure to add me to ensure invites.
Or visit our site, www.evercoolracing.com Please use game tag if signing on. there is NO obligation to join our site or to race in our lobbies. Also search xbox clubs… but main info is on web site.

We look forward to meeting new drivers of all skill levels. Hope to see you on track!