Events Lab looks terrible

Not much more to say, when we got to that part of the trailer I cringed inside.

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It does look kind of stupid, although Super 7 generated some interesting obstacle courses so some people might be creative enough to make it engaging. I probably won’t spend much time with it, though.

Also your sig is broken.

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You have my word i felt the same but they need to attact children and casual too.
My kids really love dinosours and cars in the same game, so i need to build some ‘maps’ just for them. :slight_smile:

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Looks interesting to me, depends how well built it is.

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as long as it’s not canon i’m fine with it and probably will enjoy it

If it means more route editor tools, I’m fully on board!


seconding this! personally can’t wait for more in depth route creation, especially in a more colourful overall environment to begin with.


Looks pretty cool to me

For me, the trailer raised more questions than it answered. First and foremost, is this intended as a “public lobby” option, or is this an off-line tool?

If it is intended to create public option, how much of the design and rules will be known in advance or is this a “chat roulette” game mode?

The thing they showed was ridiculous, but I don’t think you should sleep on the tool, ESPECIALLY if you’re a serious racer. Being able to place walls on custom tracks is a pretty big deal, and we might be able to lay down tarmac using the tool. Think about it. See what you think would be a really good road track but there is just one little section of dirt? You can lay down road over it!

If we can lay down tarmac using the tool, the possibilities for new road tracks is endless. Every open space is a canvass for a new race track.

Walls are a huge deal for all kinds of racing. Adding jumps for custom dirt and cross country tracks… custom race creators are going to be able to make their custom tracks feel just like the ones that came with the game.

I have little to no interest in knocking bowling pins over in an ostentatious arena, but I am very excited for this feature.


Yeah, it’s not that you can make wacky stuff that’s so exciting, although the wacky stuff seems like it’ll be fun. It’s the fact that you have the tools to make the wacky stuff. That whole area seems super heavily customized.

Let’s go over all the stuff that’s on that map that’s not gonna be on the vanilla map in the arrangement it’s in. From this video to follow along.

Starting at 6:16 as soon as the they start the showcase.
Green Tarmac that seems to be about as grippy as normal roads
Those arrow signs that are placed at funny angles including flat on the ground and slightly angled up to be used as ramps
Massive walls of signs that you may or may not be able to dynamically curve
That giant loop de loop thing that’s in the background at 6:16
Gigantic bowling pins
Those Pinatas from the earlier minigame
The ramps up to that little platform
Floating containers in a giant ring
That Hexagon wall
Jump Pads
Giant stack of containers that the car drives on
A different kind of bounce pad/ behavior for bounce pad
Palm trees on the floating platform
That giant banked section
A different kind of pinata that’s orange instead of donkey shaped?

That’s 15 seconds of stuff. Sure, the game mode is whatever and super wacky, but these tools are gonna be immensely powerful. Especially when combined with the fact that you can apparently change the logic of at least some items using these tools. That pin game is a totally custom game mode with some scripting done to make it so that when you knock over the pins you get points.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we saw a ton of historic race tracks made using this almost immediately. Wanna make old Monaco? That’s possible. Wanna make COTA? That’ll be possible too. Wanna make the racetrack of your dreams that breaks all the current safety rules and would just kill you if you messed up? This is a video game so go for it. It is actually the single best thing to come out of this reveal. Mexico? Who cares? Mercedes AMG Project One? Not important. We have a track creator. Anything you wanted to do is now a possibility if you or someone else is willing to put in the work.


Couldn’t agree more with the OP. It’ll be just like Super7 and eliminator for me, couple of goes to see whats what then detest it and never bother with again.

This is gonna be the new version of the pathetic super 7, which I only played enough to get the car and haven’t done it since and never will. Most of the things that showed up were so dumb but what do you expect from these devs anymore? They don’t fix problems that have persisted from the beginning and don’t listen to the players. This game doesn’t even have a true support website, just some joke that they call their “official support site” but there is no support there whatsoever. I loved the first horizon games and I keep hoping they might pull their heads out of their butts but they keep showing me that they’re content with that anal point of view.

Far too many negative posts in here because they introduced something not specifically aimed at you.
I will give this feature quite a work out as my young boys will love it. This is what Forza is about, inclusivity.
I’m disabled now and having assists is the only reason i still play as otherwise i wouldn’t be able to. I’m not competitive anymore and don’t play online to avoid ruining others fun. However i do have fun and i can build games for my kids to play? Sign me up!
Also for anyone complaining, if you have Gamepass even for just the launch month you can try it out and then moan about it. Christ it’s not even out yet.

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Why judge the book by it’s cover? You don’t even know what it involves.

What has been announced, is that you can create your own game modes with your own rules, races & stunts.

You can clearly see it involves so much more than Super7 & thats just from a few seconds of game-play footage. This time round, you’ll be expecting something more similar to GTA.