EventLab revamp/overhaul/Sandbox mode

Hello everyone,

I think Forza Horizon 5 has a lot of potential, and one of the ways in which this potential can be expressed is through the EventLab, which could become a kind of sandbox, but is very ‘limited’ at the moment. I’m part of the Failrace community, and we’ve been thinking about some features that could make the EventLab (and consequently the game itself) much more player-friendly and also youtuber-friendly:

  • Props connection: being able to connect props in any shape, way or form between each other and on the ground (not like the new oval props that you can connect in one way only)
  • Free roam mode: create an ‘event’ with no start and finish line and no checkpoints, where you can use the entire map and any rules of play to create litterally any game mode or just being able to do free cruising on a ‘refreshed by player’ map
  • Being able to use drone mode in eventlab events (would be great to use in aesthetic custom maps)
  • Being able to remove ‘pre-existing props’ like the the ones in cities or festivals (street lamps, benches, carts, street furniture in general, ecc…)
  • Rules of play revamp: make them more easy to understand and use and make us name the variables we create
  • Adding a visual ‘precision’ grille so we can build more precise in placing props
  • Adding road/circuit props that are connectable
  • Racing props like curbs, starting lights, crowd islands ecc…
  • Multiplayer eventlab: being able to create with another player
  • Being able to remove ghost mode (or adding ‘permanent collisions’ so you never get ghosted while driving in the actual event)
  • Being able to start wherever we want in any map and in any direction
  • Have an option to see a list of all the props used
  • Have an option to delete all the duplicates of a determinate prop to quickly reduce the % used
  • Adding a precision mode where when you can move the props much more slowly
  • Save-able Prop templates and ‘prop groups’ so after we create one we can place duplicates without having to recreate from zero
  • More lighting options, such as more light props and a night/weather preview mode, allowing us to see what the course will look like without saving and trying it
  • Wider checkpoints, or the ability to change their style
  • Camera bookmarks while editing
  • Music player during eventlab sessions
  • Autosaving to prevent lost progress
  • A more clear way to save and use routes for blueprints

I know these are a lot of suggestion that require a lot of work too, but it’s also something that can be implemented step by step, suggestion after suggestion, and would make the game a lot more enjoyable and add a breath of fresh air to it. It could be considered for FH6 and the new Forza Motorsport too.

Thank you for your idea @Artheof. For tracking purposes and to help community members know what they are upvoting, we need each topic to be limited to one suggestion. Search the existing topics to make sure you can upvote instead of create a duplicate topic, and then create separate topics for these suggestions. Thanks!